By:Paige Gustafson


Christianity spread more in Sweden than in other countries in Europe.

The first Christian missionaries arrived in the ninth century to convert the people,but the swedes remained faithful to their old gods.


* Population 8,794,000

*largest river indalsalven

*capital city stockholm

*hello is hej

*how are you hur mar du

why they left

During the swedish immigration to the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries, about 1.3 million Swedes left Sweden for the United States. The main "pull" was the availability of low cost, high quality farm land in the upper mid west (the area from Illinois to Montana),
Du Gamla Du Fria


Swedish culture has been described as lutheranism, trade unionism, and self , aspects that have been associated with Swedish mentality.

sweden did not formally abolish slavery until the middle of the 14th century, it also did not have serfdom in the Middle Ages; peasant freeholders constituted about 40% of the population, and were one of four estates (together with nobles, clergy, and burghers) in the diet.


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