Ice Making Machine

water that freezes !


Thaddeus Lowe the inventor if the ice machine came a pioneer in the field of aeronautics, with the goal of building a trans Atlantic airship. Lowe was hired by President Lincoln to found the army’s air reconnaissance efforts. Lowe’s flights are credited as being a precursor to the Air Force. After the war, he experimented with the cooling properties of compressed gases and developed a Carbon Dioxide cooled commercial ice-making machine. It all started in 1886.


Thaddeus Lowe invented his ice making machine in 1866.


The ice making machine is a very simple process. All it does is have a mechanical timer which send electrical currents to tell when to put water in the ice cube tray. When another electrical current goes by to tell the machine the ice cubes are ready, the freezer heats up a little so the ice cubes can get out of their tray, and when the second timer goes of the cubes get pushed out by teeth like objects.

how it has evolved.

The ice maker machine has evolved by... instead of being just a single this it is know put in to freezes as its own little compartment.
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Refrigerator Icemaker Repair - How It Works


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