Digital Teaching and Learning

April 14, 2021

I would like to use a new web tool.

  • How can I determine when I can use a free web tool?
  • How can the tool I love become a district endorsed tool?

Web tools are constantly evolving, making it possible for educators and students to collaborate, create, and share ideas more easily than ever. However, tools must not only be considered from the instructional benefit but also from a perspective of safety and security.

What role do teachers play in protecting student data when using web tools?

With the constant evolution of web tools, it is more important than ever that HCPS take steps to ensure that our student data and privacy is adequately protected when using online educational resources. It is our responsibility to protect student data from any unauthorized use or collection.

To ensure the safety, security, and restricted use of student data and privacy, HCPS will evaluate the terms of use and privacy agreements of all 3rd party online educational applications to include:

  • Safe: Does student interaction have a level of oversight or moderation?
  • Secure: Are steps taken to prevent unauthorized access of student data?
  • Restricted: Does the tool confirm that student data is not shared for non-educational purposes?

This video will provide further information on student data privacy:

Lesson 1 - Teachers Are Heroes: Introduction to K12 Data Privacy

How can we protect our network?

Drew Moore, Director of Technology, provides insight about the potential security risks that web tools can introduce to our digital ecosystem.
Drew Moore, Web tools and Information Security

What are the HCPS approved tools?

HCPS approved online web tools can be found on the Instructional Technology SharePoint site. Content supervisors also share approved content specific digital resources. Please ensure that any tool you use with your students is on an approved list.

Can teachers suggest a new tool for review?

Yes! HCPS is engaging in a new review process to build a technology toolkit that supports instruction, while meeting all legal requirements to ensure a secure environment and protect student privacy and data. This process will build a high-quality pool of web tools for classroom use, focused on endorsing a best tool that provides/solves a specific instructional purpose.

We invite teachers to submit web tools for consideration by Friday, April 23, 2021. Complete the following Web Tool Recommendation Form. If you need support completing the Form, please contact your School Librarian, Instructional Coach, or the Instructional Technology Team.

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