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Parent Newsletter October 5, 2020

Principal's Message

Today we welcomed our Phase 3 students for face-to-face learning. It was so wonderful to see so many of our students back on campus. Thank you parents/guardians for being so patient with us during dismissal time. We are trying to make sure all of our students are safe. The 2nd six weeks began today and let's ensure our students are attending school (face-to-face or online) and completing all assignments daily. It's going to be an amazing week of learning at Los Encinos Elementary!

Happy Custodial Worker's Day

On Friday, October 2nd it was National Custodial Worker's Day. This week we will be celebrating our very own custodians for all of their hard work in ensuring our campus is all kept in tip top shape. They take great pride in making sure our school is always safe for our staff and students. We are so grateful to Mr. Rivera, head custodian, and his amazing team. They are the best of the best!
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Please Make Sure Your Child Is Logging Into All Zoom Sessions & Completing All Assignments.

Updated CCISD Covid-19 Self-Screener

Please note our district has updated our daily Covid-19 screener. Parents/guardians of Phase 1 and 2 students, please make sure and screen your child daily using the Covid-19 screener. If your child has any of the symptoms please keep your child home and call the school to inform us of your situation. If a child gets sick while on campus we will call the parent immediately for pick-up and will ensure the child is safely taken care of while minimizing exposure to other staff and students.
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Face-to-Face Student Reminders

Please make sure of the following for your child each day:

* Review Covid-19 Health Screener before sending your child to school. If your child is not feeling well please do not send them to school and contact us if this is the case.

*All students must wear a mask or shield that covers the chin and the sides of the face.

* Bring charged CCISD/campus issued device with adapter. This limits your child having to share a desktop computer in the classroom.

*Bring workbooks that we sent home.

*Bring some of the school supplies that will be needed. Communicate with your child's teacher to find out exactly what is needed right now.

*Bring a water bottle to fill throughout the day.

*Lunch menus are posted on our campus Facebook page and parent newsletter. If your child needs to bring a lunch from home, please make sure to put it in a bag where it can be disposed of after your child is finished eating. This will eliminate the amount of items coming from home to school.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus for On Campus and Online Learners

If your child is beginning Phase 3 on campus learning, please note he/she will eat lunch in their classroom. Please review the menu provided. If your child is not going to eat the school lunch we do encourage the use of packing a lunch in a bag that can be thrown away. Using a bag that can be thrown away limits the travel of items such as a lunch box going back and forth from home to school. Breakfast and lunch are free for all students.
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Los Encinos PTA Membership Drive

Our PTA is excited about beginning a new year of supporting our campus through networking with staff and families. Through the years our PTA has created fundraisers to help fund many activities, incentives/supplies for students/teachers plus so much more. Their first fundraiser is by signing up new members for our campus PTA. This is where you can help. Membership is just $7. A portion of this fee must be sent in to the state PTA, which is $5. The remaining $2 stays with our campus PTA and this is how they will generate funds to begin supporting our students. Many times people think by joining PTA you have to volunteer and that is not always the case. If you join our PTA they will not reach out to you if you don't want them to. They will simply use their portion of your membership to fund items such as student instructional supplies, incentives plus so much more. Please log onto www.joinpta.org. Once you're on the site look for CCISD and then select our campus. Thank you for your support!

Important Dates to Remember

Oct. 5th: Phase 3 Students Return to Campus; 2nd Six Weeks Begins

Oct. 9th: Report Cards Available on Home Access Center

Thank You Families For Working Side By Side With Us!

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