By: Will Meyer

The Impact on Society

Coca-Cola changed the world of soft drinks. Coca-Cola also made "Fanta" and "Sprite" later. Coca-Cola was the most popular drink in the 1900's and today. In fact when Coca-Cola changed its ingredients to make it sweeter, people protested because they liked the original coke a lot better. They then changed the drink back to the original. Companies like Pepsi tried to copy Coca-Cola, but then Coca-Cola overcame them in the mid 1900's. If Coca-Cola wasn't invented, Pepsi would have never been created. If Coca-Cola was never invented, very few popular and original soft drinks would exist.

People That Made Coca-Cola Happen

The person that made Coco-Cola was pharmacist John Pemberton from Atlanta, Georgia. He mixed extracts from the cola nut and cocoa leaf and sugar. He thought he was making a tonic for headaches. He took his creation to local drug stores and sold his product for 5 cents a cup. People realized it tasted very good, but it didn't work on headaches. It later became Coca-Cola. It's hard to believe that world's most popular brand happened on accident!

The Product

The original Coca-Cola was easily the most popular product the company sold. It was also the first and most important product. They made this product even more popular by using simple, classy advertisements and catchy slogans like "Life is better with Coke."


Coca-Cola Was sent to soldiers during World War l. It reminded the soldiers of home and made them happy when they drank it. Coca-Cola was made in 1886 and became really popular in the 1900's.


Many people liked Coca-Cola, but the first year sales were very slow. It only brought the partners $50. Then the company added carbonation and a little bit of sugar to the drink, making it more popular. Then they started selling the drink in bottles instead of just large kegs and soda fountains. They kept progressing, and now, 13,000 Coca-Cola Products are sold every second.
Coke 2012 Commercial: "Catch" starring NE_Bear