Important Updates!

We Aren't Full Until We are All Full!

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Due to the weather last week, parent teacher conferences have been rescheduled until Wednesday, October 2 and Thursday, October 3. Parents who already scheduled conferences will be called Tuesday to reschedule first. Parents still wishing to make a conference will have the opportunity AFTER all previously scheduled conferences are rescheduled. An informational flyer will go home tomorrow, Monday, September 23. If you have any questions regarding new parent teacher conference times, please refer to the flyer.


Open House is still scheduled for THIS THURSDAY, September 26. We will have an 8th grade DC Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser from 5pm-6pm. OPEN HOUSE will start at 6pm. Families can continue to eat until 6:30PM. Please turn in your spaghetti dinner forms and money by Wednesday at NOON.

Please remember that Open House is a valuable time to meet your teacher (if you haven't already), check out your child's work and progress, and mingle and eat with other families. Open House is not a time to conference with teachers about grades or behaviors, and we ask that you be respectful of this when attending Open House. If you would like to discuss your child's grades or behaviors, please schedule a conference.

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Our fall bazaar is quickly approaching! Please remember that all families are asked to volunteer for a two hour block with their respective homerooms! If you need more information about when and where you can volunteer, please contact Lisa Molina, PTL President OR your ROOM MOM!

This year families were asked to sell 5 books. There has been question about the number of books changing from 2 to 5. The fall bazaar committee, the ECC, and Fatima, all voted to do 5 books per family to raise the funds for the Bazaar. We are asking families to honor this change as part of our service to our parish who supports us in NUMEROUS ways. If you do not feel that you can meet this goal, please feel free to contact Mrs. Lopez to see what can be worked out. Our goal in selling more books is one of the ways we support our Parish. St. Mary's parish MORE than supports us throughout this year, and selling books and volunteering is one small way we can give back. Thank you.