By: Alexis Blanchette


Mecca is located in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia. Mecca is in the Sirat Mountains and is located on sacred land called Hijaz. Hijaz is located on the Arabian Peninsula in the western region. The Arabian Peninsula is 875 miles long.


The city of Mecca has two different architectural styles; modern style and an older style. The modern style of Mecca has houses made out of concrete, when the older style houses are made out of rock. In the modern areas of Mecca they have improved the appearance. They improved the appearance by adding fountains into the main squares.

In the center of Mecca is the mosque. In the center of the mosque is the Ka’ba. The Ka’ba is 43 feet tall and is one of the reasons Mecca is considered the holiest Muslim city. Ka’ba is the most sacred cite and it is where pilgrimages go and it is where people pray. The Ka'ba is made out of granite and the inside is made mostly out of limestone and marble.


Mecca was drastically changed after Prophet Muhammad took control. He destroyed over 360 gods or pagan idols, and told everybody that they had to worship Allah. He even destroyed Hubal. Hubal was considered the largest god and its statue was located on top of the Ka’ba. When Muhammad destroyed Hubal he had his cousin Ali climb to the top of the Ka’ba and knock the statue down. Muhammad only destroyed the statue; he did not destroy the Ka’ba.

Muhammad did not destroy the Ka’ba for many reasons, one being because he declared that the city was the center of the pilgrimage and that Ka’ba was where they were to pray. Muhammad also declared that the Ka’ba was sacred and made it a centerpiece to pray. Muhammad changed Mecca but made it relative to what it is today.


The Muslims are the religion that considers Mecca a sacred place. The Muslims are highly encouraged to go to Mecca at least once in their life to pray and worship their religion. Thousands of Muslims visit Mecca every day. When they visit they will usually go to the Ka’ba and pray. The Muslims consider Mecca as the most sacred Muslim city in the world.

Why Mecca is Sacred to the Muslims

Mecca is sacred to the Muslims because it is the birth place of Prophet Muhammad, who had a huge impact on the way Mecca is today. Mecca is also sacred to the Muslims because of Ka’ba. The Ka’ba is a black box like statue that is in the middle of the Mosque. Muslims around the world come to Mecca and pray to the Ka’ba. Mecca and the Ka’ba are so sacred it is highly encouraged for a Muslim to go to Mecca at least once in their life to pray for the gods. When you pray to the Ka’ba you face forward. The reason the Muslims did this was because your feet are considered “dirty”. The Muslims would not want to pray with their “dirty” feet because it would disrespect who they were praying to. Mecca is an important city to the Muslims and without it the Muslims would have nowhere to pray.