November 5, 2017


I need your help with some very serious safety concerns that seem to have gotten worse recently. It is our number one priority to be sure your children are safe at school, but in order for us to ensure that, we need EVERYONE to follow our arrival and dismissal procedures.

* DO NOT DROP STUDENTS IN ANY PARKING LOT--students are to be dropped off only in the parent pick up line. Students should never be dropped in the parking lot. This is a very dangerous situation of students walking around moving cars.

*STUDENTS MAY NOT BE DROPPED OFF BEFORE 7:55 am. There are not staff members available to monitor students before 7:55. Please do not drop students at the door to stand on the porch until the doors open. This is a safety risk.

*ARRIVAL AFTER 8:20. The front doors automatically lock at 8:20 and students are tardy after that time. Any student arriving after 8:20 must have an adult with them to come to the office and get a tardy slip.

*NO CELL PHONE USE IN THE PARENT LINE. It is illegal to be on your cell phone while driving, especially when in a school zone. Please stay alert and off of your phone when in our school zone.

These are small things that will make a huge difference for our arrival and dismissal! We appreciate your compliance.


We have noticed that we are having more students tardy lately. Remember that students must be in the building by 8:20 to avoid being tardy. Beginning after the Winter Break, we will begin assigning early morning detention for students who are tardy multiple times. We ask for your help in getting students to school on time.

Also, our doors automatically lock at 8:20, so you must walk your student in if they are arriving after that time.

Bison Time is Rolling!

Our students are working hard and having fun during Bison Time this year. We are impressed at the projects and acts of service our students are leading. We have projects for the school, for the community, and many for schools and families that were impacted by Harvey. Mark your calendars for December 8th, so you can see the cluster projects our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have been working on. We would also like to thank our PTA who is financially supporting Bison Time!

Don't Forget to Vote Tuesday, Nov 7th!

If you didn't have a chance to vote early, we encourage you to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th. The results of the Katy ISD Bond Election will greatly impact our campus, and it's up to you to make your voice heard! Get out there and vote!

Upcoming Events!

11/7 Election Day

11/8 50th Day of School, Promise to Read Day K-2

11/10 Veteran's Day

11/15 Fall Fundraiser Pick-Up (4:30-6:30)

11/16 Kinder Feast (2:00) Fall Pictures (Make-up Day) Progress Reports Go Home

11/17 First Grade JA in a Day


12/4 Principal Coffee @ 9:00

12/5 Bethke Spelling Bee

12/6 Core Essential--Generosity--wear green!

12/7 Choir Concert 5:30

"The strength of the Bison is the Herd, and the strength of the Herd is the Bison! "