Stagecoach Elementary News

Monday Memo 11-10

Thoughts from PWW-

Thanks to Mrs. Bowers for taking the lead in our Veteran's Day celebration. Mrs. Jones is our chief decorator again! Please wear red, white, and blue!

Our Military visitors will be visiting your rooms starting at 8:15.

I will be leaving after the breakfast on Tuesday heading to Master Principal. I will return on Friday.

Veteran's Day

7:30-8:00-breakfast in the media center-students will stay with their visitors-

8:00-bell rings-please go to the flag pole for pledge(if it rains we will do the pledge at 8:00 staying in classrooms)

CBI-and Media center go out front doors

Kaylor-Grimes -back playground doors

Everyone else will exit from the end doors and come to the flag pole-Grade level chairs please indicate when all grade level is present

We will do attendance after we return from the pledge.

K Kids

K Kids are sponsoring a "build a bear" type fundraiser that will travel here during the hoe down. Students may pre order a stuffed animal until November 12th. They will be picked up during the Hoe Down. Please send money to the office.

Student Leadership Team

We will be forming a student leadership team. We will begin with third and fourth graders. Our first meeting will November 21st. We will meet at 12:40. Third and Fourth grade teachers will be getting a google doc to nominate a boy and girl. Mrs. Rider, Beavert and Wilson will also nominate 2 students.

Respect-Word of the Month for November

November Birthdays

Sheila Bell

Looking Ahead

11-11 Veteran's Day

11-12 kid talks-bring information on those working below grade level- running record for any student you are planning on discussing-

11-12 RTI-sign up with Mrs. Beavert

11-14 tornado drill

11-19 Debbie Diller 4:30-7:30

11-19 Embedded Session 3

11-19 fire drill

11-20 Hoe Down

11-24-30 Thanksgiving break

Thursday, December 18th & Friday, December 19th

District Dismissal at 2:00 p.m.

Funny Thanksgiving Cartoon - Must See!