Stopping Superbugs

Do your part to prevent illnesses from evolving

What are they?

Superbugs are pathogenic bacteria that have evolved resistance to antibiotics. This is bad news because it makes them harder to treat and potentially more deadly.

How does it happen?

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What's Evolution got to do with it?

1. Some bacteria are already resistant to antibiotics.

2. When a person takes antibiotics, these bacteria are less likely to be killed off.

3. If the person does not complete their antibiotic cycle, some of these bacteria can survive and pass on their drug resistant genes. Hence the resistant bacteria are selected due to their ability to survive antibiotics.

4. Over time this results in a bacterial population that is more resistant to medicine and therefore more deadly.

What can we do?

1. When prescribed antibiotics, make sure you finish the whole prescription, don't stop taking them when you start to feel better.

2. Only take antibiotics when necessary, not for common colds or viruses.

3. Wash your hands with soap to prevent the spread of bacteria