Separartion Anxiety Disorder

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No joke when it comes to Separation Anxiety!

Separartion anxiety is a disorder that you develop while you are in your adoloescent years. When you have a strong attachment to someone like your mother or your guardian you tend to become dormit. You do not like leaving their side because you become anxious, paranoid, and depressed.

Facts on SAD

  • Separartion anxiety can cause depression
  • It is common in most kids
  • SAD is normal at 7 months
  • SAD can cause social phobia

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some symptoms of SAD? Worry that something bad will happen to the parent, fear of being alone, bed wetting, nightmares about losing their signicant figure.

What Causes Separation Anxiety Disorder? Losing a loved one, Staying in a hospital, or any stressful or life changing event.

How Common Is Separation Anxiety Disorder? Separation anxiety affects 4% to 5% of children in the U. S. ages 7 to 11 years.