Godllywood Task


Spiritual Task

What was the mistake of Eve? Which other woman in the Bible was the opposite to Eve in attitudes and behaviour? How do you identify yourself with both of their stories?
PROOF: You will write about it in a notebook that you will separate only for the group and you will take to the monthly meeting. Also send it by email to your Sister.

When I was reading about Eve I though to myself that she didn’t think properly, she was ungrateful, as she should remember every thing God had done to for her.

Creating her to be a helper to Adan. How could she be that way!!!

One Day I wake up and run to my computer as I had forgotten to send an email and my husband asked me for 3 times the same question and I must say at that time I didn’t think before saying as he got on my nerve and i gave the answer not in a nice way. so he comes and stands before me and tell me some truths :-( at that moment I started to say Eva Eva then I thought how many times I have being like her provably many The problem is that I am not watching enough I have to be more alert.

I also read about Abigail which was able to save herself her husband and her house through her wisdom Abigail prevented certain disaster regarding herself and her family by humbling herself before David. Abigail did an extraordinary thing when she took the blame for the sin of her husband. She humbled herself and interceded for her people before David. and she got the answer. There is no problem that cannot be fixed when we think and use our wisdom and direction of God I see that every time I don’t think I then have to pay a high price so I can learn to use what God have given the ability to be wise and change things around through a intelligent faith.


Learn three things about your appearance. Examples: make-up, hairstyle, skin treatment, nails, modern looks, shades for your skin tone. PROOF: Write about what you have learnt and include photos of the three things in your group in the community, sending a copy to your Sister.

I Tried fruits that I have never tried before that could be good for my skin.

A new Shampoo that changed the structure of hair a rescue repair

New Body lotion and Shower gel by Victoria Secret’s


You will read four chapters of the book V Woman. One per week and will share in all social networks you belong to, what has called your attention the most, every week.
PROOF: Share the links of your post by email to your Sister

Do Your Best

They excel at what they do. They aren’t just good at it, they’re the best! If you’re simply a good student, good employee, good daughter, good mother, or good wife, you can forget about ever influencing anybody. People look up to people who are better than them.

Think about that and you will find the answers!

What has come between you and your faith in God? What can you do to get rid of it? How can you begin fearing God more?

If you don't know him how can you care?

What has come between you and your faith in God? What can you do to get rid of it? How can you begin fearing God more?

She fears Him

The V-Woman has a relationship with God and, because of this relationship, she fears Him. Many people don’t understand what fearing God really means, apart from the fact that they fear losing their salvation and going to hell.

What has come between you and your faith

What has come between you and your faith in God? What can you do to get rid of it? How can you begin fearing God more?

Wise words from V-Woman book

When God is the center of our lives, we can hardly focus our attention elsewhere. It’s not to say we won’t have problems, but we will certainly react to them in a very different way. And that’s where many Christian women have failed.

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Personal Task

Você vai gravar seu testemunho. Sem depender de ninguém. Vai procurar saber com o Pastor Vinicius como pode ser feito para que possa ser usado. Depois que ele der os guidelines, então, mãos à obra…

O prazo para essa tarefa é 31 de Janeiro. Você deverá entregar seu testemunho para o Pr Vinícius e também upload it on youtube e me enviar o link.

Eu gravei 4 testemunhos na TV com a Desreen e um com o Pastor Bronson na minha igreja falando do VYG :-) enviei somente o do VYG para a senhora.


You will put yourself in the place of 3 people and will do to them what you would like them to do for you. Example: maybe you know an assistant who is very shy and does not talk to anyone and because of this you do not know her well. You will put yourself in her place and get closer not expecting anything in return. PROOF: You will write about your three experiences in your group in the community with photos and will send a copy, by email, to your Sister

The Is a girl in my Church that I have tried to be close to her before but she is so shy and It is so difficult to be around of her as she doesn’t speak. But I was thinking abut her and how difficult it has being for her to come out from her comfort zone and I decided to helped her this month being close to her seating with her when possible inviting her for the meetings I would go and I could see her coming closer to me little by little

There is another lady in my church that doesn’t dress appropriately and had a lots of complexes I decided to help her by inviting her to join some of the girls in the special group of the Godllywood challenge she has joined and she is so happy she did I she looks much more beautiful now and has even started to make a diet

The third person is my husband which is always complaing that I sleep late sometimes I started to think and I notice that it was happened very often as it is hard for me to come with him from the church after a day out and sleep at the same time but I must say it was not easy to do as sometimes the only way to get some extra things done is by making a night vigil but I know if I put myself in his place it is not nice.

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