Exchange International Program.

Eseune Business School

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Brief introduction to our Business School.

ESEUNE Business School is a top european Business School that has founded a Business School in Tianjin in cooperation with Zhongbei Municipality. In the last Ranking (Eduniversal 2014) ESEUNE was again (since 2008) selected between the top best 1.000 Business School worldwide, the #1 in Spain and #20 in Europe in the two-palmes category.

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MBA Exchange International Program. (MBA EIP )

The program is designed for Chinese TOP Business School MBA students.

The MBA EIP, is designed for establishing cooperation agreement with Chinese Business Schools, in order to offer their MBA students invaluable opportunities to study business from an international perspective and to experience life in a different culture.

The EIP program provides the following services:

  • MBA classes in Spain ( Eseune Business School ) , USA ( Georgetown University ) and China ( Eseune Business School in Tianjin )
  • Internships in Spain and Latin America.
  • living LAB in China.
  • International Business Trips to India, Russia, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Chinese language is available in all our courses and activities, both in China and overseas.

Our MBA School acknowledges credits from TOP Chinese Business Schools, so that the MBA students enrolling the EIP program can have a DUAL MBA degree.

Our MBA School is also looking for collaborative agreements for our MBA students to be acknowledged credits from Chinese MBA school in order to have a DUAL MBA degree.
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How to become a member of the EIP.

The EI program is for Chinese MBA Schools, providing high quality MBA.
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