Bearcat Weekly

September 1, 2017

We are suppliers of Hope!

I was sent an article the other night by Mrs. Stewart and felt it painted such a great picture of our school. The article highlighted five points to help students, who lived under some adverse circumstances. However as I was reading each point the article made, I kept thinking about how they are all literally the foundation of our school. For instance, the first point is to LOVE THE STUDENTS. I think back to in-service and the heart felt stories that were shared about our kids. I see in the hallways how kids flock to teachers showing off work they did in another class and the positive notes that are sent home each day. Another point the article made was to EXPOSE students to EXPERIENCES. Think about the number of times we talk about the importance of our field trips, guest speakers and events. I know these are not as glorious to plan for :) and it interrupts our daily schedules but think about that life moment we are providing to our kids. We all love to think they will remember the content twenty or thirty years from now :) but in reality they won't. But what they will remember is the time they were able to play on the field at AT&T stadium, or the trip they took to camp or even the time they got to go up in reunion tower (yes that's in the works :)! The last point I wanted to highlight is when the article states to KEEP EXPECTATIONS HIGH. Kids will rise to whichever level we hold them to. This is why it was so important to bring the concept of the No Excuses University system to our school. The standard that we hold our students to shouldn't be to be great intermediate school kids. It should be one that we hold them to being exceptional students who are college bound and work tirelessly to get them there. Because when you do that you give them HOPE you provide them an opportunity for whatever future they envision for themselves.

I am so proud of the school that we are creating for our kids and love knowing that we are providing our students an experience that will not only help them be successful in middle school or high school, but well beyond that! Thank you for all each of you do to love your kids and be the absolute best staff ever! No doubt our teachers and students are "Simply the Best"!

Thank you Congressman Burgess!!!

This picture says it all! What a great experience for our kids to have the Congressman here. I can't thank him enough for the time he spent with our kids and the message that he left them with. He was such a positive person and I'm thankful for the opportunity we had to meet him. Thanks so much to Mr. Johnson for making it happen and again thank you Congressman Burgess for the flags and coming out to visit us!
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Thank you Mrs. McGee and Galen for setting up our Tailgate Party! Thanks to everyone who brought in items as well! It looks great!

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Our First PRIDE card has been turned in!!! Way to go ALEX!

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The Pineapple Board is up and running!

I know many of you have been admiring the greatness of our pineapple board :) It's up and going so if you have a great lesson that you'd like to welcome visitors in to see then make sure to put it on the board. Also, remember that these are completely INFORMAL observations. If you just wanted to go in and grade papers you could do it. This holds true for administrators too! Just because you put something on the board doesn't mean an administrator will show up in your room :). The purpose of this is to help build a collaborative community on our campus and allow everyone to see the great things you are all doing in your rooms! So have fun with it and spread the wealth!
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No Room for Slow Llamas in 5th Grade!

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This is so awesome!! We are also going to introduce Pierre the "Super Fast Celebrity Llama" at our next faculty meeting :)

Peace Days are adding up

We have started counting our peace days. The board is located outside the main cafeteria so make sure to highlight with your kids. They are all accountable for it!
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And the winner is.......

I'm sure most of you saw our guest judges, Mr. Gist and Mr. Urquidi, walking around yesterday judging our hallways. They had several great things to say about each of them. Needless to say it was a tough decision but the winning hallway is......

5th Grade!!!!

They both really liked the decorations and the fact that there was depth to the college theme. The map and student work put them over the top!

Oh AND 4th GRADE!!!

They really couldn't pick between the two because they liked them both so we decided to end it with a tie! We will be coming around soon to give your more details on your prizes! Great job everyone!!!

And the winner of the best door was Mrs. Stewart!

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Mrs. Stewart has really done a great job with not only her door but promoting her classes college. I saw kids walking out the other day with OSU posters that she had given them and then saw her working on more material to give to them this week. Way to go Chrystal! She will receive an official certificate for best door and a $10 Sonic giftcard!
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