Valley Street Jail

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!

How to Commit?

Well first things first you gotta commit a crime in southern NH area. Then you're brought to the jail(in handcuffs). And you'll have a few hundred inmates to either kill you or get you through!


All your belongings will be given to the officers and you'll wait to be either released (if it's an over night stay) or brought to your cell. You'll be given an Orange jumpsuit, toothbrush, sandals, and off to your cell!


Now depending on severity of your crime, and attitude prisoners can be given a brown jumpsuit which allows prisoners to do jobs unsupervised. Starting off, all prisoners are given orange jumpsuits. But if you're in for several killings, make that orange suit your best friend while it lasts before you're sent to the NH state prison.