A nation pointed by guns

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom on January 17, 1893 would not have been possible without the role of Pres. Harrison, Pres. Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens.

Historical Significance

Without the actions of Pres. Harrison, Pres. Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens, the overthrow of Hawaii wouldn't have been possible. The consequence of the actions of these men is the abolishment of the Hawaiian monarchy. It had ended the the reign of Hawaiian on their own land. On the bright side, without them, Hawaii wouldn't be a state today, it could've been a struggling country without the aide of these men. The reader's have to know that the actions of these men is the reason for the overthrow of Hawaii, but they also have to know that it improved Hawaii significantly in a way that it gained power and is now part of the U.S.

Is Hawai'i legally and lawfully a state of the union?

In my opinion, I claim that is illegally a state of the union. Foreigner's and businessmen overthrew the kingdom of Hawaii by force and they took the Hawaiian's own home from them. They blackmailed Queen Liliuokalani into giving up Hawaii to avoid bloodshed. This is, in my view, a despicable thing to do to a country fighting for their independence from people who came from a land that rejoices freedom.

Aloha'Oe - A song written by Queen Liliuokalani

Queen Lili'uokalani - Aloha'Oe

Documentary of the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani

Lili'uokalani -- Hawaii's Last Queen (documentary excerpt)


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