Three Months In!

Circle G Ministry

Ministry Near and Far....But Mostly Far

We are three months into 2018! We blinked and these last two months flew by, probably because we’ve spent most of the time on the road. BJ started January with a horsemanship clinic and cowboy church in Okeechobee, Florida, and we just returned from a horsemanship clinic and cowboy church in Corning, California. And between those, we had several other preaching engagements, a multitude of discipleship opportunities, and even a trip to the Philippines with my mom.

Things aren’t slowing down in the near future, as you’ll see below (scroll down to the very bottom)! BJ has a number of revivals, horsemanship clinics, and cowboy churches in the coming weeks. Plus, I’m in the process of switching the office bookkeeping to a different system, one that I think will be more efficient. From both of us, THANK YOU for your friendship, prayers, and financial support. These are the very tools we need to do our jobs! We thank God for you every single day. Here are just a few shots of the last several weeks.
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BJ partnered with Ken McNabb Horsemanship for a clinic and cowboy church service in Okeechobee, Florida. Every single clinic rider stayed for the preaching. I spent that week at home in West Virginia wrapping up the Circle G books for 2017.
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BJ and Ken had a blast doing a day clinic for the Showstopper 4-H Club, also in Okeechobee, Florida. These kids and their horses were hardworking and eager to learn. This June, BJ will head back to Florida solo to do a week-long camp for these same kids.

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Cowboy church in Corning, California! Of course we had to take a Valentine's Day selfie.
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Preaching up close! I wasn't thinking and sat right up front, so I didn't really get any pictures. Can't thank you all enough for sending us out to preach. One person who attended just happened to walk into the arena on her way to somewhere else. Just think--people are getting to hear the Gospel, and they weren't even planning on it!
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BJ’s first time in the Philippines! My mom and I had a blast showing BJ where she grew up and introducing him to my Filipino family. We were even there for the Tapulao town festival. Lots of great adventures and lots of awesome food! One last thing---we love you. Hope you know that! --BJ and Maryanne Grimmett

BJ's Preaching and Event Schedule (so far)

March 3.....Circle G Horsemanship Clinic (Union, West Virginia)
March 4.....Sunday Services @ Lovers Leap Baptist Church (Ansted, West Virginia)
March 8-10.....Cowboy Church @ Ken McNab Horsemanship Clinic (Queen's Creek, Arizona)
March 18-23.....Revival @ Calvary Baptist Church ​(Summersville, West Virginia)
March 25.....Sunday Morning Service @ Tuckerdale Baptist Church (Lansing, North Carolina)
April 1.....Greenville Community Easter Sunrise Survice (Greenville, WV)
April 7.....Circle G Horsemanship Clinic (Union, West Virginia)
April 12-15.....Cowboy Church @ Equine Affaire (Columbus, Ohio)
April 29-May 2.....Revival @ Wikel Community Baptist Church (Wikel, West Virginia)
May 12.....Circle G Horsemanship Clinic (Union, West Virginia)
June 25-29.....Youth Horsemanship Clinic for Showstoppers 4H Club (Okeechobee, Florida)
July 14.....Circle G Horsemanship Clinic (Union, West Virginia)
August 25.....Circle G Horsemanship Clinic (Union, West Virginia)
Aug 30-Sept 1.....Cowboy Church @ KM Horsemanship Clinic (Kidron, Ohio)
September 3-5.....Cowboy Church @ KM Horsemanship Clinic (Kidron, Ohio)
October 13-14.....Harvest Festival @ Cranberry Baptist Church (Bradley, West Virginia)
October 1-3.....Cowboy Church @ KM Horsemanship Clinic (Yadkinville, North Carolina)
October 24-29.....Revival @ Neola Baptist Church (Neola, West Virginia)
November 17.....Circle G Horsemanship Clinic (Union, West Virginia)