World History Timeline

By: Diego Cruz

Causes of Industrial Revolution

Causes of the industrial revolution was the new inventions being created. The new inventions started taking over the human hands and working and producing a lot more making the economy more richer for England. The machines can produce power and run boats now and trains which provide faster transportation.

Effects of the Industrial Revolution

Effects of the industrial revolution were that with these new machines they are creating a lot of pollution. Also when the machines took over the human hands and produced more they lowered the wages of the workers running the machines. No woman could still work in these factories. Men that got hurt still had to work until they died.

Imperialism in Africa

Causes and Effects

People such as Europeans are trying to take over the countries of Africa for their resources, to spread their empire and to get their economics growth in wealth bigger. Africa has a lot of resources to depend off of and once all of it is gone the people then leave making Africa weak and unable to run themselves making them poor. Africa was treated different and didn't like the way they were being used but didn't know what they wanted to do afterwards to rule themselves.

Technology of World War I

The technology of World War I made the whole war very dangerous. There was now chemical weapons and bombs able to blow up the whole world basically. This war is one of the most bloodiest wars that we have ever had and its because of all the high tech weapons and their massive destruction. Tanks and bombs were basically indestructible and had many advantages to winning the war.

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