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August 2018

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 3- Labor Day (no school- enjoy!)

Tuesday, September 4- Connect and Respect, all school activity

Wednesday, September 19- Back to School Night

Friday, September 22- End of the first Grading Period

Back To School Night

by Jonathon Vargas

On Wednesday, September 19th, San Antonio High School is going to be hosting Back to School Night. On Back to School Night parents are going to be able to come with their kids and visit the school to get to know the teachers, get to walk around campus and to be able to go into classrooms. There is also going to be a meal prepared for everyone. Students will be making a meal for parents and other students. Students are preparing a marinara sauce and pasta for the meal. Students are going to be able to participate in making and serving the meal for extra credit or for community hours for classes that require them.

Crossroads on Campus

by Jesus Cortez

This fall the Crossroads campus moved over to the San Antonio campus. Two San Antonio teachers, Ms. Cecchini and Mr.Smith are teaching classes over at Crossroads. Over the summer, the district built the portables for Crossroads. Crossroads is another alternative school and it helps out 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Lupe Porras said, “When we were at Crossroads we had our own space, now they can’t really go out.” That's how it was before they moved onto campus. Mr.Smith’s view on teaching the young students, “I feel excited to teach these students. I look at it as a new kind of challenge. I also hope to get students interested enough in their work.” Ms.Cecchini added, “I think it would be a challenge to teach these muffins. We want to change the students by teaching them in a different way from what they were taught in the past. We also want to teach them to be more mature. I feel like they lack maturity. I think it would be fun to teach them a new way of learning”.

Students and Shakespeare

by Adrian Pleitez

San Antonio students attended a Shakespearean play at the Foundry Wharf in downtown Petaluma last weekend. Ian Daunell, Zoe Nicol, Marlon Zapeta, Christian Garcia, and Daniel Cortez went to see All’s Well that Ends Well performed by Petaluma Shakespeare Company. They are all seniors looking for extra credit in their English classes.

Marlon, Christian, and Daniel went on Thursday, which was the first day the play was run. They were given chairs and popcorn. When asked if it is a good play to go see with friends Marlon said “Yes, you guys can laugh together, it was more like a funny play”. Marlon also warns you to wear layers.

Zoe and Ian went on Friday for a little date night and Ian said “it was cute” and as well agreed with Marlon on the fact that it was cold and suggested bring a blanket to wrap around yourself. They were not offered chairs or popcorn but they did well off because they had a blanket to lay on and brought food from Fourth and Sea over to munch on.

It was all their first time going to watch a Shakespeare play performed and they all said it was a fun experience and a great way to earn fast and easy extra credit. It was a comfortable environment and they highly recommend students to go and experience this and earn credit for doing so.

Cosplay Creation

by Jairo Damian Hernandez

Have you heard of comic con? If so then you have seen people in many costumes or doing “cosplay.” Most of the time people who make their costumes like to call themselves “cosplayers.” In the world of games, comics, and movies, people will make a costume of almost everything. People who don't want to spend a lot of money on buying a costume might just build one from the ground up. This might include it being better that the ones that they sell online. If you look up any game or comic and put the word cosplay at to end of it, you will find a ton of people who like to make cosplay. In some cases people will sell prop molds and castings. Some people get paid to make cosplay or certain props. People who find pride in making cosplay or props take them to a convention and show off their creation.

Alumni Profiles

Students often return to visit and tell us how they are doing. This feature will highlight these students, their accomplishments and their advice to current students.

Jocelyn Padilla

Jocelyn graduated in 2018. She fondly remembers her friendships and the staff at San Antonio. She is currently working at ULTA and taking classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. Her advice to current students is: "Try to do your absolute best! It's all worth it!"

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2018 graduates Joceyln Padilla (left) and Shayna Small.