Franklin Agway

Your Urban Farm Store

Feed it, Grow it, Make it

  • Local farm store that carries all that you need to "Feed it, Grow it, Make it", including lawn and garden, farm, home and pet supplies
  • A Franklin fixture since 1954 when it was owned by Eastern States Farmers Exchange
  • Owned and operated by Melanie Hamblen and Neal White since 2016, who are dedicated to providing advice and supplies for all your home, gardening and farming needs
  • Known for their knowledgeable sales associates and quality customer service

  • Provide an abundance of Do-It-Yourself supplies and natural and organic products

Benefits of Home Gardening

  • Health benefits: Growing your own food can help you eat more fruits and veggies, which research shows reduces the risk of many chronic diseases
  • Quality of food: You decide what to grow and you pick and prepare the food when you are ready, which results in fresher and better flavors and higher nutritional quality
  • Food safety: You can control exactly how you grow your food and can greatly reduce your exposure to pesticides and other potentially harmful substances
  • Save money: Investing in seeds and gardening supplies can turn in to an abundance of fresh produce that you can eat fresh, freeze and/ or can for later
  • Help the environment: reduces the environmental impact from the transport of foods not grown locally and reduces the amount of chemicals and pesticides that end up in our soil and waterways
  • Improved quality of life: research indicates that having your own garden provides stress relief, improves mood, influences food security, and physical activity

University of Vermont Extension

Fun for the Whole Family

-You don't need a lot of space or experience to grow or make your own foods

-Get the whole family involved for quality time together, especially kids

-Did you know that research indicates that there are lots of benefits for kids who get involved in growing and making their own foods

  • A better understanding of the food environment and where food comes from
  • Gain important social skills through growing, harvesting, sharing, and preparing foods
  • Learn about the science of plants and nutrition and make better food choices
  • Learn important skills, confidence, and responsibility in gardening and preparing foods
  • Physical activity and stress relief

Franklin Agway Has Everything You Need to "Feed it, Grow it, Make it"


Beekeeping supplies

Beer and wine making supplies

Canning supplies

Cheese making supplies

Farm supplies

Grain and feeds (chickens, game birds, rabbits, horses, cows, goats, deer, pigs)

Lawn care supplies

Livestock supplies

Maple syrup making supplies

Mosquito Eradicator

Organic Products

Pest control supplies (all natural)

Pet supplies

Plants (All grown in MA with bee friendly growing practices)

Propane station

Seed starting supplies

Soil, potting mix, compost

Small animal supplies

Tools (hand and garden)

Water treatment supplies

Wild bird supplies

Willing to special order products, such as feeds, grain, and dog and cat foods

Delivery available for purchases over $150

Local Plants and Products

Always promoting and providing products from Franklin and other nearby farms



Fruit trees




Also available: Mel's own tomato and hot pepper plants!

Free Rewards Program!

  • Sign up for the Agway's free reward program
  • Receive points for everything you buy
  • Special pet food, wild bird seed and propane refill programs
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Franklin Agway

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Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00

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Want to know more???

You can look forward to weekly flyers all summer!

I'll be providing information on the Agricultural Commission, the local farms, all their wonderful products, the farmers' market, CSAs, and health and nutrition information.

A Little About Me:

This newsletter is part of my summer practicum project to complete my Master's in Public Health Nutrition from UMass Amherst. I am community member and a volunteer with the Franklin Agricultural Commission. I am passionate about eating fresh and local foods and I am excited to share information about our local farms and Agricultural Commission with you all summer.


Jennifer Nicholls

BS Nutrition

MS Emergency Management

MPH Nutrition (Pending)

July 2018

Vol 6