Amanda Eldridge

Is propane renewable or non renewable?

Propane is very similar to natural gas, it is non renewable. Since propane is non renewable it is colorless and odorless. Propane only had odor when propane is being tested for escaping gas. This means that propane cannot be renewed in a short amount if time.

Where is propane found on the earth, is it made with technology?

Propane comes from natural gas and petroleum wells. Approximately half of the propane used in the United States comes from raw natural gas. Raw natural gas is about 90 percent methane, five percent propane, and five percent other gases. The propane is separated from the other gases at a natural gas processing plant. A machine is used to seperate the propane from other gases, but propane comes from natural gas not a man made object.

Is propane exspensive?

The prices for propane can very. Propane is nessesary for human life. We use propane to heat barns, to make products, to fuel machinery, vehicles, backyard grills, appliances, and to heat our homes. For a gallon of propane it costs apprioximately four dollars and twenty cents