Kristen Hearne

Instructional Technology Experience

Philosophy of Instructional Technology

Technology is an ever present part of our daily lives, and our students will begin to use technology more and more as they continue in their educational journey. I view technology as a tool that we can use to enhance instruction and improve student achievement. The Common Core State Standards are bringing a new wave of student centered instruction, and technology is the key to creating an environment that allows teachers to immerse their students in learning and creating.

District Level Technology Professional Development

I have been involved in providing district level technology professional development for the last two school years. Below you will find a sampling of the courses that I have co-created to help fill a need for accessible and applicable professional development. These courses allow teachers to learn about technology tools and techniques that can enhance instruction and increase student achievement...from the comfort of their own home.

School Level Technology Professional Development

Sip and See

We received a large order or beautiful non-fiction books for the library. I hosted a Sip and See for the teachers at Wren Middle School to browse the new books. To encourage the use of the books with technology, I paired each type of book with apps for our classroom set of iPads. It was a great visual for how the two could be combined for use in the classroom and many new lesson ideas were born.

Tech Tuesdays

The first Tuesday of every month, I hold a mini technology session in the media center. Teachers are able to drop-in, at their convenience, to learn about a simple technology tool that can make their lives easier. I have conducted workshops on Dropbox, Prezi and a variety of apps for iPads and iPods.

Technology Instruction in the Library

Quotes from Colleagues

"I can never thank you enough for your help teaching my students, and me, how to use Edmodo. I would have never attempted this on my own. Once again, you got me to use technology."

-Lynn Brown, teacher

"Kristen was so knowledgeable about the topic and willing to help after the session if we had questions. She even gave us her email address and contact information for any problems or questions we may have later."

- Conference Attendee from It's All About the Graphics Presentation

"Thank you for the great ideas that we can use tomorrow. Your presentation was solid and well done."

-Webinar Attendee from TL Virtual Cafe

National Publications and Presentations