Mr. Posick's Friday email

November 13, 2015

Veterans Day celebration

Wednesday was an epic day for our veterans, guests, students, and staff. Under the direction of Mrs. Weiland and Mrs. Hess, we were able to recognize and celebrate the selfless contributions of our veterans. The band played, the choir sang, the Scout troop 47 presented the colors, and moving words were shared. It was a day that few of us in attendance will forget. Below are some pictures of the day. Above all else, the one thing that will forever be etched in my mind was the heartfelt thank yous from each of our veterans. It was an honor to be a part of this day.

The procession of our veterans



Thanks to all of you who attended our conferences last night. I appreciate your time and partnership as we work together to help our students be successful students and citizens. We have one more night of conferences next Tuesday, November 17th from 4:30-8:00. This night is for scheduled 5th grade conferences in classrooms and 6th grade arena style conferences in the Library. If you were unable to attend conferences November 12th or 17th, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teachers.

PTO fundraiser delivery

On Thursday, November 19th, the PTO fundraiser items will be delivered to the Intermediate School. There are lots of items being delivered and we could really use some volunteers to help us from 2:15-4:00. If you can help out or if you need more information, please contact Mrs. Serwin at 414-256-0112 or

Something to ponder- Being Left Out Hurts

Last week, I came across a blog post that I shared on both Twitter and Facebook. I wanted to share it again as a reminder about friendships and including others in groups, whether they be on the playground, in the classroom, or outside of school. Here is the link. Our children watch our every move and listen to our every word. Please share this message with your child. As I tell students often, it takes less effort to be kind than it does to be mean.

Book Fair

Thanks so much to Mrs. Wurster and all of her volunteers for a very successful Book Fair. The physical Book Fair ended today, but if you are still interested in ordering books you are able to do so online until November 17th. Here is the link to the online Book Fair for the Intermediate School.

Making an Informed Choice for Arrowhead

Last week there were two opportunities to learn about some of the options for next year's freshman class at Arrowhead. Although this message pertains more to 8th graders than our other Intermediate School students, it is good information for all families as they consider high school options for their child. If you'd like to see the handout or presentation from the meetings, they can be found on the links on the left hand side of my website which is linked here.