The Invisible Hand

By Holy Lindgren

My Idea

I am going to test to see what happens if you heat an empty aluminum can and then immerse it upside down in a pot of cold water.

Materials I will Need:

Not shown: Something to heat the can with

The Problem

Why does the can get crushed when I heat it and then put it in the water?


When I cool the can in the water, it creates an imbalance between the air pressure inside the can and the air pressure outside the can.

The Procedure

  1. Gather all of the needed materials
  2. Fill the bowl with cold water
  3. Heat the aluminum can (get a parent to help you!)
  4. Use the tongs to pick up the can
  5. Place it upside down in the cold water
  6. Observe what happens


Bang! The can was completely crushed. It was like a strong person squeezed it really hard with their hands


My hypothesis was right because I thought that the can would be crushed. I will be sure to think again before messing around with air pressure!