Barclay Bulletin

January 9, 2022

Student Laptops

Before the break we sent laptops home in the event we needed to spend any time fully remote. We have been asked to continue sending laptops home until further notice. While there is nothing immediate that indicates we will be spending time in a remote model, we want to be prepared in the event circumstances change quickly.

Students can use the internet-based resources while the computers are at home, or simply leave them packed to come back to school if the classroom teacher has not given any specific assignments. Please have the students charge their laptops at night before coming back to school.

80th Day of School

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 is the 80th day of school. To have a little fun that day, students can choose to dress like it's the 80's. Bright colors, track suits, animal prints, suspenders are all some possibilities. See the attached flyer for additional details.

COVID Protocols

The Monroe County Department of Health COVID protocols are continually evolving. If you have any questions regarding the new quarantine and isolation time-frames please reach out to Mrs. Day.