Amalfi Coast is Here!!

Get loud and get excited!

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Get your network involved!

Sweet Bees!
By now you should have updated your boutiques. Shoot me a text if you need help!
You should also have invested or be ready to invest today in candi so you can show it off this weekend. **Let me know if you want help choosing or have questions about the products.
Today you should BLAST social media and share your excitement! I posted the images above to my VIP group asking which collection speaks to them the most. I'm asking them to help me choose which samples to bring in. Get your network involved, and when the items come in, send them a personal message to let them know if they'd like to see them in person.
Provide your boutique link and your personal link to the online look book. ***Your personal link for your online look book can be found in your online office: go to My Accounts, and scroll down to My Lookbooks. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.
****Finally--Popups!! They don't have to big, they don't have to be formal. Just think "events". Opportunities to showcase your jewels to a particular audience. Let me know if you need help brainstorming ideas!!
Wake up! Get that coffee and make today awesome!!! xoxo
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Touch base with me this week!

I am headed to Orlando for SOAR this week, but I definitely want to TALK to you!! It is AMAZING to set goals and CRUSH them!! So I want to hear from you!! Let me know what you are shooting for, so I can help keep you motivated and on track! I am always here to answer your questions and help you! Shoot me a quick text or Facebook message if you are super busy and just let me know what your overall goal is, or if you have 5-10 minutes let's talk on the phone and really make a plan to get you there! I talk each month with my leader and touch base at least once or twice a week. I love talking to all of you, so reach out anytime!
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Welcome new team members!!

Welcome to Liberty Kelly who is Carline's invite! Liberty already has 5 pop ups planned!

Welcome Sara Ellison! Sara already has a pop up planned in May! Welcome Aubri Levens!! Welcome Meesha Stamper- we will see Meesha at SOAR!! Welcome Gricelda! Gricelda is already planning fundraiser pop ups! And welcome Tanara! Please make sure you are all a part of our team face book page and that you are all completing your training. Also, touch base with me this week! I look forward to talking with each of you!! xoxo Janet