Andrew Jackson is a zero

Andrew Jackson

Indian Removal Act

He instated the Indian Removal Act this act evicted thousands of Native American families, specifically Cherokees from their homes so that white families can live there.

The Spoil System

He only put his friends and relatives in government jobs. This was known as the Spoils System. He did this as an incentive and reward to keep working for his political party. He promised his supporters positions in government for their political support.

National Banking System

He closed the National Banking system. He disliked the National Bank because it had only loan to the rich and not the "common man". He also was a farmer and the national bank forced farmers to repay their bank loans before they could sell their crops.

Wercester vs Georgia

This cartoon shows Andrew Jackson and his supporters removing the Indians from their land for their benefit in 1832. The supreme court ruled in the Wercester Vs Georgia court case that they can not remove the Indians from their land.