Cake Decorator

Haley Kind

What They Do

Cake Decorators transfer photos on cakes, mix/tint frosting, prepare and apply glaze, fillings, and icing, prepare cakes ordered for a special occasion, use figures made of marzipan, create shapes and letters out of icing, cut sheet cakes to size and level them so they are even, and much more.

Type of Work Environment

A Cake Decorator works in bake shops, institutional bakeries, or in-store bakeries.


They work 8 hour night shifts, usually starting at 3am. Cake Decorators often are required to work weekend hours.

Work with People or Alone

Cake Decorators work with others to get their job done.

Works With Hands, Heads, or Both

Cake Decorators use both their hands and their heads. They use their heads to come up with creative ideas for decorations. They use their hands to create the ideas from their head.

Qualities to Succeed

To succeed in Cake Decorating you have to have a steady hand, be able to stand for long hours, have patience, be able to work well with others, and artistic skills like, transferring a photo onto a cake, create shapes and letters with icing, mix and tint frosting, etc.

Training or College

Most train on the job. There are no formal training requirements. High School courses that would be helpful for college would be Culinary Arts, Health and Fitness, and Entrepreneurship.

Earning Potential

In Wisconsin the typical salary ranges from $18,360- $35,700 per year. The typical National salary range from $17,290- $36,920. The individual employee's salary range is affected by the size of business and employee's job responsibility.

Supervising Others

Yes and no. Yes, because I like to tell others what to do and I would be very organized. No, because it is a lot of responsibility like, making sure the cakes are done well and arrive on time, and I would just want to decorate cakes and not worry about anything else.

Would I be Able to do This

I think that I would be able to do this job because I am good at baking, I like to create/ decorate things, I have to have things look perfect, and I have a steady hand.