Invesagation Guide 1850s

Emagration up the Mississippi River

People came here because there was great job oppurtunties. There is lots of good farming land for the farmersto grow crops and other miscellaneous stuff. Another reason is because of the majestic water power.

Minnesota! Cure For the Panic

No banks! land and water best of kind. N ague or fever/sickness. The best cilmate in town dry and healthy. The finest land all for pre-motion. St.paul is a great stopping place.

Minnesota and it's resorces guidebook

2020 million land open for settlements, without money and with out price, men of the industry and intelligence before it can be monopolized by speculators the sun never shone on a more beautiful fertile land. This place a healthier country even old or new.

HO! For the west! Guidebook

Perhaps the most striking future in the natural aspect of the country is its great abundance water contained with its limit, healthier climate thus offering an inviting field for manufacturing and agricultural pursuits. Every portion of the territory may be reached by island navigation, rich and moral treasure abundant water power.

David W. Humprys Letter to Friends

beautiful place , fast filling up but still room for more st.Anthony is already a town of a few thousand inhibitions+ look a likes. N. England States, with neat white houses plus general appearance of thrift, indeed i learned that very many inhabitants were from the N. England states.

Friedrich schmitz letter to his parrents

Good marrige even if dont have the money still make it a good one. Great maids all maids dont have to work in the fields anymore.

Theodore bost's letter to his parents

i am eager to work at the lands and to get a bunch of my friends and ask them if they would help me build a church.