By Santiago Escalante


Pollution is not a good thing. It can cause people cancer, death, and many other things. Especially to earth, in some places like China you can't breath in the air all the water is polluted and many other things are there because of pollution. Pollution doesn't make things look nice there could be trash in lakes in shores and in beaches.


The message is to stop polluting because it kills the earth. Would you like it if you had to wear a mask everywhere you went? I don't think you would so stop polluting or else were gonna have to wear masks.

Why is pollution important

So that the world looks clean and not dirty and foggy. Imagine that one say you wanted to go to the park but when you get there the lakes are filled with trash there's pollution everywhere. Thats why Pollution is important so that things look nice.


The effects of pollution are cancer, Acid rain, harmful Algal blood and dead zones, and many other things. Some differnt types of Pollution are ocean litter, more fertilizers, air pollution, noise and light pollution and toxic chemicals