Accident Reconstruction Specialist

Career opportunities in Forensic science

Accident Reconstruction Expert

Job Description

Accident Reconstruction Specialist solves the problems of how and when the accident happened based their work mostly on engineering and physics. These specialists start usual reconstruction with known data such as vehicle final rest positions, accident scene evidence and vehicle damage. Beginning with this data Accident reconstruction Specialist is able to solve the questions of speeds, collision severity, visibility, driver behavior and other causal factors. the product of their work - accident reconstruction - is the scientific analysis of the data gathering progress formulated into a final report which is baked by expert testimony.

Training/Education requirements

1.A bachelors degree from an accredited U.S. college or university or certified foreign studies equivalency in engineering , physics or related field.

2. Three years of experience performing field or aircraft accidents, in a government agency or insurance company

Working conditions

Work is performed in an office, outdoor, and driving environments, in varying degrees of temperature. Subject of weekend work, standby and emergency calls

Personal Characteristics

Leadership, Communicates Effectively, Knowledge Worker, Holds Self and Others Accountable, Problem Solving and Innovation, Demonstrates Ethical Behavior, Leverages Resources (Coaches and Develops), Drives to Excel, Maximizes Team Effectiveness, Supportive of Change

Earnings and Job Outlook

Working hours: Generally work a 40-hours schedule. However you might have to work

additional hours and on the weekends when needed to complete task and meet deadlines.

Other opportunities and duties: Developing new methodologies and techniques for examining evidence, develop training programs, teach training workshops, and keep up with current research and technology.

Training: Might include attending different workshops.

Employment prospect: Good

Advancement prospect: Bad

Average salary: $38.04 - $46.77 Hourly;

$3,043.20 - $3,741.60 Biweekly;

$6,593.60 - $8,106.80 Monthly;

$79,123.20 - $97,281.60 Annually

Salary range: $27,000 to $121,000

Education spotlight

Programs are offered in:

GPSTC (Georgia Public Safety Training Center):

A&M University, Texas:

University of North Florida (IPTM):

Northwestern University (Traffic Institute):

University of California, Riverside (Traffic Accident Institute):

Current and past involvement in SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers):