Mount Vesuvius

By:Kyle Toon

Back ground

Volcanoes can be very dangerous and people can be scared of them.There are many volcanoes in the world but not like Mount Vesuvius.Mount Vesuvius is a very dangerous volcano and there is many reasons why.

What we are dealing with

Mount Vesuvius is a massive 1281 meters tall.Mount Vesuvius has erupted 36 times.

That is why most people can be afraid of Mount Vesuvius.

A Day In History: Mount Vesuvius Eruption


If you should be scared of volcanoes

When you think of volcanoes you think you never want to go see one.The reason you should not be scared is because the average volcanoes that erupt in a year is almost none.The reason of that is because the years of eruption are usually years apart.

AD 79

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What happend

AD 79 is the most known eruption from Mount Vesuvius.In AD 79 the eruption destroyed the two towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.The estimate of people that died in these two towns is 16,000.The reason that this eruption happened was a earth quake that disturbed the plates and the volcano decided to erupt a year after.

About volcanoes

How they erupt

Volcanoes can erupt in a couple of different ways.One way a volcano can erupt is if something disturbs the plates in the volcano.A couple of things that would disrupt the plates are earth quakes,tsunamis,tornadoes,and erosion.Another way is that if the gases inside the volcano has built up enough pressure to burst.