Lincoln Crossing Colt Connection

May 31, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

This will be the last Colt Connection for the 2019-20 school year. As we wrap up this most unusual year, it's fair to pause and acknowledge all the change that is on our horizon. While we have weathered usual times, notably including the power shut offs in the fall and then the impact of COVID-19 this spring, we also are about to experience a significant shift in our school community. We are thrilled for our 5th graders who are about to embark on new adventures in middle school - we know you will shine! For our students who are leaving LCES and embarking on a new journey as Lemurs at LES and at other schools in our district, we will miss being a part of your journey through school, but we know you will build new memories and traditions in your new home and you will continue to learn and grow!

We also have many staff who are moving onto new adventures next year, and some whose adventures are less certain because of current budget and staffing challenges. We want to give a fond 'see you soon' to the members of our team who we will miss greatly:

From our classified team - we will greatly miss Michelle Callahan, Andrew Orona, Karla Trent, and Moriah Shores. Their next steps are a little uncertain at this point, but we are hopeful that we'll see them back with us or at another school site in the fall. Mary Hayes has moved into a position at Phoenix HS, so best of luck to her!

We have been so fortunate to have Mrs. Beck with us for the last two years as our Assistant Principal/Ed Tech Coordinator. The plan is for her role in Educational Technology to be expanded in the district. We will miss having her on campus, but we are glad our team will continue to benefit from her expertise in the future.

From our teaching team, we will be missing many teachers this fall. Mrs. Larsen (TK) will be moving onto another teaching role in the fall; Mrs. Noyes (2nd) will be moving to First Street School; Mrs. Ochoa (2nd) will be moving to Creekside Oaks; Mrs. Botonis and Mrs. Bombard (3rd) will be opening up Leaman ES; Ms. Tomasello (4th) will be moving to Coppin ES; Mrs. Hill (5th) will be opening up Leaman ES; Mrs. Patterson (science) will be teaching full time at Creekside Oaks; Mrs. Guemmer (music) will be teaching full time at Coppin ES. Best of luck to our spring 2020 student teacher, Mrs. Ardito, who will be teaching at a John Adams Lincoln in the fall (although we are bummed she isn't staying in WPUSD!).

We also have several staff who are moving into new roles at LCES. Mrs. Fleshman will move from K to our 2/3 combo. Mrs. Swanson will move fro K to our TK program. Ms. Reynolds will be moving from our 4/5 combo to a straight 5th grade class.

In addition, Irma Balonek (our librarian) and Diane Sauer (our RSP Teacher) have made the exciting decision to retire at the end of this school year - we are so excited for them to embark on this wonderful new season of their lives!

It is easy for us (parents, students, and our team) to feel terribly sad about all of this change. Even though we knew it was coming, it doesn't make it any easier. I would remind us of two things:

  • As the wise Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
  • Once a Colt, ALWAYS a Colt!

Parent Input Survey

Click here to take the survey: Today is the last day to offer your input. We value your input and will use it to make program decisions for 2020-21.

End of Year Report Cards

Students will NOT receive a report card at the end of Trimester 3, however, there will be a brown envelope mailed to your home shortly after school is out with some input from your 2019-20 teacher included. ALL students will be promoted to the next grade in 2020-21. If you need another copy of your child's trimester 2 report card for your own records, contact your child's 2020-21 school office and they will be happy to help you get that.

Special Videos

FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS - Our school is a really special place to learn, grow and be...and that wouldn't be possible without our amazing volunteers. For all the moms, dads, grandparents, LHS students, and members of our community that contribute their time, talents and gifts, we appreciate you! Here is a small token of our appreciation:

MEMORIES MADE - here is a video montage of all of our classes and many of the hightlights of the school year. Please enjoy this 'virtual yearbook' here:

WE MISS YOU - the year didn't end how we'd hoped, but our Colts were on our mind non-stop. If you need a reminder of how much you are loved, missed and valued by our team, watch this video:

TALENT SHOW - our amazing staff and students put on an epic virtual talent show! You can watch it anytime here:

Big thanks to Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Risucci, Evan Risucci, Mrs. Adams and Brooke Adams and our staff for making these videos a reality!

Food Distribution

Food Distribution will take place next Tuesday, June 2, 2020. The district has added a new time of 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at Glen Edwards Middle School only. This is to accommodate families that can’t get to our midday distribution. Stay tuned to the LCES and/or WPUSD social media accounts for information about summer food distribution.

End of Year Materials Pick Up

We will be distributing a final bag of materials for each child. In it will be any materials from your child's desk, cubby, art projects, and class work/projects. Please expect there to be a line; we will only allow 5 families in the MPR at a time to support social distancing and to provide safety and support for our staff volunteers who are helping.

Wednesday, 6/3:

  • 9am-12pm: students who have a District Chromebook checked out (any last name)
  • 12-3pm: Last Names A-F
  • 3pm-6pm: Open Pick Up

Thursday, 6/4:
  • 9am-12pm: Last Names G-O
  • 12pm-3pm: Last names P-Z
  • 3pm-6 pm: Open Pick Up

Things to Note:
  • Please Send ONE adult per student
  • Please do NOT bring your children
  • Please maintain social distance
  • Please be efficient - we are distributing over 700 items and collecting back hundreds of materials - we need your help to keep lines short!
  • Please consider wearing a face covering per the current Placer Co. guidelines
  • You can drop off/pick up materials for neighbors/friends with their advance permission - this is not the case for Chromebook return, though - a parent must return the device/cord

Things to Bring to Return:

  • Chromebook & cord (if you borrowed one from the district - please bring on 6/3 between 9-12)
  • Any Library Books
  • Any teacher's personal library books
  • Any Science textbooks (gr. 4 and 5)
  • Math textbook (Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Hill only)
  • Ukuleles (4th graders only)
  • Class novels (Hatchet, By the Big Horn Spoon, Lemonade Wars, etc...) - returning these is optional!
  • Gift for your teacher or other staff (optional)

Please do NOT bring:
  • Classwork for your teacher

Summer Send Off Car Parade - June 5th!

Please join us for a Summer Send Off car parade for our students and staff on Friday, June 5th. The goal is to celebrate our Colts with Social Distancing and Safety in mind.

A few requirements:
  • Please adhere to your grade level time so we can manage traffic flow
  • Please decorate your car or have a sign to let our team know who is in which car
  • Please have your Colt sit in the back seat of the passenger side of the car, if possible
  • Please do not exit your vehicle - families must NOT exit their vehicles, and our staff are be required to stay on the sidewalk
  • You can only participate if you are in a car. Bikes, walking, scooters, skateboards, etc... are not appropriate for this activity - please come in a car for everyone's safety
  • Staff will be there to direct traffic
  • Wear your best Colt Pride! :)

It is very important that families realize that our staff cannot step off the curb for hugs, to take items, to give high fives, etc...and similarly, families must stay in their vehicles. This is per the guidance of our district office, and it is really important that we adhere to this guidance so that we do not have to shut the parade down. It may seem a little backwards - given that the days before we are welcoming families into the MPR. However, the difference is that on Wednesday and Thursday, we are engaging in our educational program. Friday's parade, although VERY important to us to provide some much needed closure, is not considered part of the educational program per the county's current guidelines.

If you want to bring something for a member of our staff, please bring it to the MPR on Wednesday or Thursday between 9am-6pm.

To participate in the parade, please enter the drop off loop by turning right into campus from the corner of Whitfield and Groveland. We'll keep to one row of cars along the traditional drop off zone/sidewalk. Cars will exit by turning right out of the parking lot at Farrington and Groveland.

Times for your parade visit:
  • 9-9:20 am - TK

  • 9:20-9:40 am - Kindergarten

  • 9:40-10 am - 1st Grade

  • 10-10:20 am - 2nd Grade

  • 10:20-10:40 am - 3rd Grade

  • 10:40-11 am - 4th Grade

  • 11-11:20 am - 5th Grade

LCES FAQs (* = updated on 5/31)

*What about yearbooks?

Our yearbook printer will be closed until 5/15 at least and we will receive our yearbooks in mid-July. Once we have them, we'll make plans for distribution this summer or this fall. If you did not order a book, but would like one, please email Mrs. Soha ( to be place on a waiting list for any extra yearbooks. Enjoy this video of memories in the meantime.

What about food service accounts?

  • All MySchoolBucks accounts automatically transfer with the student to their next school (so LCES student accounts will automatically transfer to Leaman in 2020-21 if that is their new home school and our 5th grader's accounts will transfer to TBMS) because the system is a district wide one. However, if you do need a refund of your positive balance, click here for directions. These refunds are taking 3-4 weeks to process.

  • When can we pick up our student's materials and drop off things that belong to the school?

    See those details above! A reminder that you can return library books ANYTIME to the box in front of the school!

    Can I turn in the work my child has completed?

    We are not collecting back work materials that we sent home. Your teacher may reach out to you in order to get pictures of materials and is likely engaging with your child in a digital format. Check in with your teacher if you need/want feedback on your child’s progress.

    *What about Fort Bragg reimbursements?

    Direct payment reimbursements are already in process. Our PTC made arrangements with the TBMS PTC to transfer fundraised dollars to them so that students can access their funds raised on student body activities. Mrs. Hladun sent out an email to all 5th grade families on Tuesday., 5/26 with additional details.

    I have more unanswered questions!

    Contact your teacher with any classroom related questions. Contact Mrs. Hladun anytime with any school or ‘big picture’ questions. I’ll be checking email every day ( and I’m always available on my cell phone (702 324 6884 - text is always best!).

    Virtual Spirit Days

    Please plan to wear your BEST Colt Pride gear (on you and/ or your car!) at our Summer Send Off Car Parade on 6/5!

    Past virtual spirit day boards:

    The LCES Office - this week & next week

    Mrs. Hladun is working everyday, but not always at the school site. If you see the orange cone in front of the office, then I am here. As the weather warms up, the doors may not be open - the orange cone is the thing to look for! It's always better to call than coming into the office (#socialdistancing) at 916 434-5292. If you need something urgently, please, please email Mrs. Hladun or text me anytime at 702 324-6884.

    Mrs. Soha (our amazing secretary) is at work on Wednesdays & Thursdays, too. You can reach her via phone from 10am-4pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Next week (the week of 6/8-12), you can reach Mrs. Soha M-F from 7:30am-4pm.

    School Boundary Finder

    You can drop your address into this finder to confirm your elementary school boundary. Be sure to click the "Approved 2020-21 Elementary Boundary" box on the right to see next year's boundary!

    Colt Pride Fridays!

    Every Friday is a Colt Pride day! We love it all - new items, vintage Colt Gear, homemade items, Zebra gear, and blue & yellow! Click for our online spirit wear store - open 24/7/365!

    2020-21 & 2021-22 (new!) School Year Calendars

    The district has approved and published the next 2 years of school calendars! Click for details!

    Stay in Touch!

    It's a Great Day to be a Colt!

    Lincoln Crossing Mission Statement

    The mission of the Lincoln Crossing Elementary School team is to prepare our students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become lifelong learners and responsible, contributing members of society.