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Thank you to all of our attendees at the Fall Conference!

We are so thankful for the wonderful turnout we had for our guest speaker, Katie Greer, who flew in from Burlington, VT to share her insight into technology and digital safety with us.

The takeaways many of us had from her talk: stay vigilant as parents with monitoring your child's use of technology, have an open-device policy (meaning that you are allowed to look at it any time), limit screen time, have devices charge in the parents bedroom at night, and TALK with your children about what they are doing on their devices, what is acceptable and even what is dangerous.

Apps that are red flags: Ask.fm, Snapchat, Yik Yak, Whisper, Poof, and Omegle (this list is constantly changing).

www.klgreer.com | Facebook: KL • Greer Consulting | Twitter: KatieLGreer

15 More in 2015!

Congratulations to the following schools who have already turned in dues for 15 more members than last year: FD Johnston ES, Hickory Flat ES, Holly Springs ES, Indian Knoll ES, Kleven Boston ES, Oak Grove ES, Teasley MS, Woodstock ES, Woodstock HS, Big Creek ES, Brookwood ES, Daves Creek ES, Haw Creek ES, Lakeside MS, Little Mill ES, Sawness ES, Settles Bridge ES. Pickens County MS PTSA is also eligible because they got over 15 more members (104 more!) than their chartering meeting.

15 More in 2015 – What does it mean?

Every PTA/PTSA that has been chartered for two or more years that attains 15 more members than last year's final total by February 28, 2015 will be entered into a drawing to win $500.00! The first two PTA/PTSA names pulled will be the winners, and their money will be distributed by no later than April 5, 2015. Four more names will then be pulled, and each of these four will also be named as winners of $201.15 each. These winnings will be distributed by no later than April 5, 2015.

Newly chartered PTAs/PTSAs can also qualify to win money. Each of these schools that attains 15 more members by February 28, 2015 over the number of members that they had at the time of their charter meeting will be entered into a drawing to win $201.15 (one winner will be selected). Money will be distributed by no later than April 5, 2015.

Keep up the great work in membership!

Local unit leaders, please be sure to send in your dues at the END OF EVERY MONTH. Here is a link to the dues transmittal form. Also, if you need more membership cards, please send in the form for more membership cards to the state office.

You still have time to submit for several awards this year. Download the Membership Awards Form here! Both the Oak Tree (100% Staff) form and Community Partnership (30 community memberships) form are due by the last day of October.

Educational/Academic resources for Your Students and Parents – receive a free resource for teachers

Castle Rock Research is proud to partner with D13 PTA. Have you ever wanted to be able to offer your PTA membership a tool that is a learning and studying resource for students, a resource that can help parents engage in the educational process with their student, and be able to give a teaching tool to your classroom teachers? Through the PTA Partnership Initiative, Castle Rock Research is making SOLARO available to the students, families and providing teachers with a free resource for their classroom.

Solaro Online offers students a 24/7 learning resource that aligns to Common Core Standards for ELA and Mathematics while also aligning to Science state standards for grades 3-12. SOLARO provides age appropriate, curriculum-aligned educational content consisting of lessons, activities, practice exercises, quizzes, formative assessments, summative assessments, and detailed solutions. Content, in the form of text, graphics, or multimedia (including audio, video, and animation), is available 24 hours a day in a well-organized, searchable, and highly engaging system.

SOLARO also comes in the form of printed study guides for ELA and Mathematics.

If you would like to know more about how the PTA Partnership Initiative works, how you can offer SOLARO to your membership, and how you can give the teachers at your school a free teaching resource, contact Brian Ergle (National Managing Director for the USA) by email at bergle@castlerockresearch.com or by phone at 770-880-4172.

To learn more about SOLARO go to www.SOLARO.com.

Smart Snacks in School

As part of theHealthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) included guidelines for "competitive foods" known as Smart Snacks for all foods and beverages sold to students throughout the school day. The new Smart Snacks guidelines apply to "competitive foods" that are not a part of the School Breakfast Program or National School Lunch Program. Smart Snacks rules set limits on calories, fats, sugar and sodium and encourage the consumption of dairy, whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables.

More Resources

National PTA has officially launched our Smart Snacks webpage where you can find many resources regarding Smart Snacks. You can access these resources PTA.org/SmartSnacks.

A number of tools and resources are available to help schools identify food items that meet Smart Snacks criteria. See the resources for info about the Smart Snacks requirement, helpful tools and ways to encourage children to make healthier snack choices that give them the nutrition they need to grow and learn on the USDA website.

View a recording of the Smart Snacks Overview webinar and click download the Powerpoint presentation.

Furthering Your Understanding of How Executive Functioning Impacts Academic Success

Thursday, October 23, 7:00pm

South Forsyth High School
585 Peachtree Pkwy, Cumming, GA 30041

This presentation will be a follow-up to the April 2013 presentation during which Sucheta Kamath, Executive Function Specialist MA (SLP), MA (Linguistics), BC-NCD, CCC and founder of Cerebral Matters, reviewed that Executive Functioning means being goal driven, self-motivated, self-sufficient, introspective, and engaged in learning. During this presentation Sucheta will help parents and teachers understand further the cognitive processes behind Executive Functions and ways in which they impact a child's effort, goal-setting, organization, study skills, and motivation. Sucheta will share tips and ideas for ways to help children become effective and independent learners. There will be opportunity for parents and teachers to ask questions.

This event is a joint venture of Dyslexia Network of Forsyth* and IDA-GA and is free and open to the public. Seating is limited, so please click here to reserve your seat.

Register today for a Clean Air Campaign Schools program and win a tree!

Join the hundreds of PreK- 12 schools across Georgia for another year of fun, engaging and impactful clean air programs and become a 2014-2015 Clean Air Campaign School! All programs align with STEAM initiatives and state standards and provide students with leadership and community service opportunities.

Register by October 17 for a chance to win a flowering tree for your school grounds. Multiple winners will be chosen. Click HERE to find out more about Clean Air Campaign Schools programs and register online.

For questions or more information, contact schools@cleanaircampaign.org.

The PTA and Your Principal

One of the most valuable relationships every PTA Board of Directors has is with their principal. Do you invite your principal to your board meetings?

Attendance by the principal at the Executive Committee and the Board of Director’s meetings is critical to understanding the activities of the PTA and how these activities weave into the general school climate. The principal works to ensure that the PTA’s mission and goals are working and aligned to the strategic plan of the school. As such, the principal is the direct liaison between the PTA membership and the school’s staff. The principal should give a brief report at each Executive Committee and Board meeting about events, activities, status,etc., that are critical for stakeholder understanding.

The principal’s ideas and actions can play a significant role in setting the tone and shaping the culture for the entire school. It is partly through the principal’s support, motivation and leadership that a school community can promote strong parent-school-community partnerships.

To learn more about this important relationship between the PTA and your school principal, refer to the Principals and PTA Guide.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We at D13 know you all are aware of breast cancer, but we don't want you to forget to take steps for early detection and for you to encourage others to do the same. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. While awareness is important all twelve months of the year, October is a time to reinforce the need for early detection, support and research.

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