BMS 7th Grade ELA


There are amazing things happening in 7th Grade ELA!

  • Three CCSS aligned Units: Adversity in Adolescence, Uncovering an Author's Work, & Altering History
  • Uncovering an Author's Work Book Club
  • Read Alouds that Incorporate Classic Literature and Student Choice
  • Lucy Calkins Writing
  • Writer's Notebook
  • Independent Reading of "Just Right" Books (traditional books and myON)
  • Close reads (music, fiction/non-fiction, poems)
  • Domain Specific Vocabulary
  • Fluency and Comprehension Interventions

We Love 7th Grade!


Names and Emails

7-1 Teachers

Melissa Dresen (

Carly Kwasniewski (

Rikki Valle (

7-2 Teachers

Ashley Davila (

Megan Van Loon ( / Long-Term Sub: Justin Widd (

Trisha Romanek (

Alice Rudenga (

Sarah Taylor (

Literacy Support Team

Carol Calderin ( Reading Specialist

Kristin Doell ( Reading Specialist

Concetta Rebecca ( - ELA Consulting Teacher