Welcome to Delfino



Things you need to know about Delfino

Delfino is a great city and has lots to offer visitors. You may visit our harbor where the big cruise ships come in. Also please stop by the Nature Center to learn more about the nature that surrounds the great city of Delfino.

Delfino Nature Center

At the Nature Center you can see the wonderful nature of Moon View Bay. You will see local animals and the unique nature surrounding Delfino. Come on down and enjoy our beautiful nature.

Delfino Harbor

Delfino Harbor offers peaceful viewing of ships coming to dock through Moon View Bay. Many big cruise ships stop on their way and visitor get off to enjoy our beautiful city. Come on down and enjoy the magnificent Delfino harbor.

Shapes the creaters of Delfino used

The shapes we used here were octagons, cylinders, rectangular prisms, pyramids, cubes, cones (E.T.C.)