By: Ashley McMahen

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HISTORY of the Stagecoach

A stagecoach is a type of" covered wagon" used to carry passengers and goods. It is strongly sprung and drawn by 4 horses. The business of running stagecoaches or the act of journeying them was known as staging. It originated in England. It was widely used before the introduction of the railway transport.

Interesting Facts

Stagecoaches were familiar vehicles along the main roads of the East and the South before the coming of the railroads of the 1830's and the 1840's. Stagecoach travel was also difficult and dangerous across the vast expanse of the American West, where is attracted the most attention.


A relatively high level of speed, comfort and security, large numbers of people could be transported easily.


Passengers suffer getting there clothing ruined by soot, ashes and smoke.There were many accidents on the railroads
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