Saving School Uniforms

Why Do School Uniforms Benefit Students?

Uniforms: Friend or Foe?

Many students hate them because they are "ugly", but students who have uniforms love them. An estimated amount of about 135,000 weapons are brought to school each day. (Cruz, 8) Because of this, many schools made a dress code or got school uniforms to protect the students. Uniforms usually have plaid with black, red, navy, or yellow, with a white blouse or shirt. Girls can usually choose from a jumper, or skirt, and boys can wear trousers. They usually wear white socks and black Mary Janes, and can wear accessories to express themselves. (Pros and Cons of School Uniforms)


Public Schools should have a uniform because the make schools safer, and make school a more enjoyable place for students.

This is how one girl styled her school uniform.

Styling: School Uniforms
School uniforms would make schools safer. Having a school uniform can prevent bullying related to clothing. With a uniform, no one can say "your shirt is ugly," or ,"you wore that yesterday," because they are all wearing the same thing. (Sweeny, Suited for Schoolwork) There is an estimated amount of 135,000 weapons brought to schools each day. Uniforms also help to prevent gangs from forming in the school. They can keep students from wearing gang colors to advertise them. A boy from Detroit, Michigan, was killed for his basketball shoes. (Cruz, 18)We can prevent this by having students wear the same thing.
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School uniforms also help students to enjoy school better. Uniforms are said to give students a sense of school pride, with matching colors and school logos. School Uniforms also keep students from getting distracted on having the latest brand of shoes, or the new style of clothes. They can keep students focused in class, without the distractions of a miniskirt or lime green hair. 70% of school principals voted that uniforms would help to eliminate disciplinary problems.(Sweeney, Suited for Schoolwork) According to John German, the principal of South Shore Middle School, after having a school uniform for one year, school attendance and discipline increased by about 98%.(Cruz, 36) Both parents and teachers agree that school uniforms benefit schools. Having a uniform saves the family money, as clothing trends change, uniforms stay the same. This gives students of different economic standings an equal chance to learn. (School Uniforms, Procon)


Students can learn in a safer environment with uniforms. With a school uniform, parents, teachers, and students together are happy. Uniforms save parents money, so more children can learn. Uniforms also can join students together, without judgement of clothing or looks. Teachers are happy with uniforms because the students are focusing in class without distractions, and are doing better on school work instead of worrying about keeping up with the latest fashion trends. School uniforms are a benefit to schools, giving students a healthy and happy place to learn.


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