The average Chinese diet

By Nate,Paige,Timmy

Arable Land

The US has a higher percentage of arable (land that can be used for farming). This is important because it shows how the land is divided.

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Percent of Children Underweight Under the Age of 5

The percent of children underweight the age of 5 is very relevant because you it shows if kids are getting the nutrients they need to grow. The US has less Underweight kids.

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Pork Comsupition Per Capita

China eats more pork. This is important because it shows what a type of food a country eats, and if that country has the resources to produce that type of food.

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Percantage of Obese People

This is important because it shows how responsible people are with there eating habits.

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The Number of McDonalds

The number of McDonalds is relevant because it is a fast food restaurant that is very popular but the meals are very low quality and bad for you (but taste delicious) so it shows what type of food a country likes.

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Total population

The Total population is very important to know because it shows how many people need to be feed. China has a very high population, in fact china has the most population in the world.