A whole lot of people all over this here planet know about Anne Frank, but a whole lot of people also DON'T know about Meip Gies, the lady that hid Anne and them while WW2 was going on. Meip's actions have an awsome impact on this here world. If it was'nt for her, Anne Frank would not be known today.

Youth (Before the War)

Meip was born in Vienna, Austria. When she was 11 years old she got sent to live with a family in Amsterdam due to poor health. Her foster family alredy had 5 kids. Even though their income was'nt the best, they welcomed her with open arms.

Hiding People (During the War)

During the war Meip gave the Franks and the others food,clothes,books,and all other daily needs. When the Franks and them got taken Meip tried to bribe the SS Oficer that took them. She also went to the Nazi HQ to work out a deal, fully aware that this could cost her her life.

After the War (After the War)

After the Franks and them got arrested, Meip was not done. She went to the attic and found Anne's writings,notebooks,and diary all over the floor. She gathered them and saved them for Anne. but then learned about her passing away in Bergen belsen. So she gave them to Mr.Frank. Ever since then Miep mourns her friends every year on August 4th when her friends was taken. She closes all her curtains,does not answer the door or the phone. Mrs.Gies died at the age of 100 in the Netherlands on January 11,2010.


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