Pink Box to Qualified Boot Camp!

New Consultant 101 Training....

Everything you need to know in order to Qualify in 30 days

Team Twisted Roots, we are SO excited to bring this training to you! When you FIRST become a consultant you need a Plan and the Right training. Your Directors have teamed up to give you the step-by-step TOOLS to get you confident and earning the $$$ you want! We all want to make a little money right? You will get the weeks call in number or web access code every SUNDAY prior to the training.

Mark Your Calendars!!! Week #1 Training STARTS......

Tuesday, March 12th, 9pm

This is an online event.

FIRST call is on **Back Office Training & Thirty-One Today Tools**

--Navigating and setting your back office, utilizing to run your business smoothly. Hosted by Jimary Jimenez!

TRAINING DATES... Tuesdays at 9pm EST

Week 1 -- March 12th -- Jimary Jimenez

Week 2 -- March 19th -- Paige Wojtowicz & Myrna Mays

Week 3 -- March 27th **Wednesday -- Michele Eliason

Week 4 -- April 2nd -- Joyce Hobson

Week 5 -- April 9th -- Jimary Jimenez & Michele Eliason

# 5 Recruiting and WHY it's Important

Idea behind recruiting, why you need a "buddy" in your first 30 days and how your business will take off!