Jane Austen

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Her Life

Her family had 8 children in total, and Jane was the 2nd daughter and 7th oldest. Two of her brothers were in the Royal British Navy. Oldest to youngest her siblings and her names are:









Born in 1775 to George and Cassandra Austen in the English village of Steventon, Jane Austen grew up in a highly literate family. Austen's father was an Oxford-educated clergyman and her mother was a humorous, aristocratic woman. She was educated only briefly outside of her home, and at home she was encouraged to read

After Austen's father died in 1805, Jane, her mother, and sister Cassandra lived in a small house provided by her then-wealthy brother Edward in the village of Chawton.

When Jane received a proposal from the wealthy brother of a close friend, for whom she felt no affection, she initially accepted him, only to turn him down the next day.

This was a painful decision for her, as she understood deeply that marriage was the sole option women had for social mobility. She further understood the vulnerability of single women without family estates who depend on wealthy relatives for a home. This subject is at the heart of Sense and Sensibility.

Her Birthday

Tuesday, Jan. 18th 1785 at 12am

Steventon, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Steventon, England

Her Deathday

Friday, July 18th 1817 at 9pm

Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Winchester, England

Why she became a writer

Jane Austen became a writer, because as a child she enjoyed reading. Also as a child Jane wrote poems and short stories for her own amusement and her family's. She wrote as an adult, because she was encouraged by her family, and it was a pastime of hers.

Her Books

Popularity of Novels

  • Her books were published anonymously`
  • Among members of the high society her authorship was an open secret
  • The books were considered fashionable by members of high society, but she didn't receive many reviews
  • By mid-19th century, books were admired by literary elite
  • By start of 20 the century, she was gaining popularity
  • It wasn't until the 1940's that she was considered a "great English novelist"