hoop city baltimore

cole holliday


The book Hoop City Baltimore is about a dual sport athlete. The main character is Marcus and he goes through some tough times throughout the book as a high school student. His best friend Chris past away. Sports is what keeps him going and keeps him away from trouble. Marcus plays varsity football and basketball. He is a prestigious athlete and is being looked at by division 1 schools. Marcus has a repetition of anger problems.

List of Characters

Marcus (main character)

Joe (step dad)

Chris (best friend)

Deshawn (team mate)

Tyrell (team mate)

mom (his mom)

Character Analysis for Marcus

Trait 1: Dedicated

Evidence: wants to win for his team and wants to be on the field to help!

Trait 2: Kind

Evidence: never really gets mad at people and does not yell in a mean way very much. He is always calm.


"maybe if you put me on defense"


If you have a tragic that strikes you wont be the same but u can't get mad. You have to push through it and can't hold a grudge.

Important Events

Chris was out one night in the hood of Baltimore where he lives. He was near Joe's corner and during the middle of the night Chris was shot and killed.


i recommend this book to whoever likes sports. I would recommend this book to guys. This is an easy fun book series to read.