January 2019

Language Arts

It's our Snowball Reading Blitz! The kids will be reading, reading, reading to compete with the other class. The class who reads the most books will get a hot chocolate party. All students who are participate at home will get a Blazers coupon from the Blazers Read Big program.

This month we are researching and writing informative paragraphs. We will also start an opinion writing unit. Keep an eye out for these paragraphs to be sent home and talk to your child about their work!

We are also going to put a big emphasis on listening skills - both following multiple step directions and hearing what our peers say. At home, encourage your child to use these skills as well.


We will be finishing up our addition and subtraction unit with a data collection activity (graphing M&M colors!) As we wrap up Unit 3, we'll get started with measurement right away.

In number corner, we are talking a lot about more than half, exactly half, or less than half. See if you can find ways to get your kids to practice this at home! Making dinner? Screen time with siblings? Serving dessert? Make it fun!


In science this month, we are designing glue! The kids have been experimenting with different ingredients and discussing their properties. We will try making the ingredients warmer to check the effect and try cooling them down to see if it changes. They are quite the scientists!

We have started an extension to our Wellness Class - Mindful Mondays. We have been using a combination of mindful minute exercises, brain breaks, yoga moves, diffusers, calming music, subdued lighting and children's meditations. The kids LOVE it! It totally changes the energy level in the room and enhances focus. If you would like to try using some meditations at home, check out this website!