Bruneau-Grand View SD Update

Sickness and Attendance

Trends and illnesses - If you are sick, please stay home.


First, a big THANK YOU! to all of you who are working with the schools to help us stay open. By keeping your kids home when they are sick, or when you are sick, we have been able to slow the spread of the flu and Covid-19 variants. Unfortunately, we are seeing increasing numbers of sickness spreading across our community and continue to encourage you to do your best in preventing this trend. The flu and Covid (omicron) are highly contagious and can be hard hitting. Schools around our region and state are closing because they don't have substitutes for sick staff members. We are also seeing many games cancelled and are concerned that the unchecked spread of these illnesses will end seasons early. Please continue to help us and our community. We stand ready to support you and your family. Thank you!