How to use a blackwidow chroma

The Blackwidow chroma keyboard

How to use the macros inside the keyboard

If you want to know how to use they keyboards macros then just go to the site sign up then go to your keyboard setup station and go to macros. Then you´re going to want too click on record and type each letter for the message you want the macro to copy then click done and save and you´re done.

How to change the colors of the keys

just go to the keyboard setup station and then go to edit colors and pick the color of your keyboard then you can set it up so it shows patterns like the wave it shines of the keyboard in a wave of colors.

It has a amazing setup to it

The Blackwidow chroma is a keyboard that has 2 usb ports and a headphone port so you can have more ports for your computer it is an keyboard it is machanical and every key you press makes a load click sound so when you are typeing a story you can just here the clicking of the keys.

How to clean your keyboard

Get a can of duster spray then just put the stray in hang the can upside down (Do not shake) then spray inside of the cracks inside of the keyboard it should spray everything in there from dog hair to cookie crumbs. Another way to clean it is get cotten swaps and then take out all of the keys and swab it out with them it is better then the duster just harder.
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