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More travel books...

  • Anna and the French Kiss
    Anna reluctantly attends a new elite boarding school in Paris where she redefines home...and more

  • The Bird and the Blade
    In this Mulan-esque story of life and death set in the Mongol Empire, Jinghau finds herself torn between her home and her past and unlikely feelings for an enemy she's set on destroying.

  • City of Saints and Thieves
    A Kenyan girl with ties to powerful figures in the diamond trade is determined to find her mother's murderer and avenge her death.

  • Darius the Great Is Not Okay
    Iranian-American Darius doesn't ever measure up...not to his classmates who don't find him either American or Iranian enough...not to his dad, who's never satisfied. Then a sudden trip to Iran reveals that he must be at home with himself before he can be at home anywhere.

  • Gilded Wolves
    Six teens in Victorian Paris try to pull of a heist, prevent a shadowy organization from taking over a powerful magical society, and save the world from fascism.

  • The Girl in the Blue Coat
    During the Nazi occupation, a teen in Amsterdam moves from black market dealer to resistance worker as she seeks to find a hidden Jew who went missing.

  • Invictus
    Time travel! After an unusual encounter with a fellow time traveler on an artifact heist reveals a disintegration of time, Far and his crew must risk everything to fix it.

  • The Lovely War
    Ares and Aphrodite examine the impact of their powers on two couples united during World Wars I and II.

  • My Lady Jane
    Medieval England! Funny fantasy alternate history of Lady Jane Gray.

  • Resistance
    A Jewish teen participates in the resistance leading up to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

  • Someday We Will Fly
    Polish Jews flee to China to escape the Holocaust and struggle to adapt and survive.

  • Stalking Jack the Ripper
    Audrey Rose is more interested in science than manners, leading her to join her uncle's forensic investigations of the victims of notorious London serial murderer Jack the Ripper in an attempt to track him down that may cost her life.

  • To Kill a Kingdom
    Ancient Greece! A Midan prince and a Siren princess, mortal enemies, unwittingly work together to obtain the tool that will destroy the other's kingdom while romance brews.

  • You Bring the Distant Near
    Though set in the U.S., this chronicles three generations of women in an Indian immigrant family, richly revealing their culture.


Access the books above digitally via the OverDrive or Sora apps (available in Self Service or for free on your personal devices). These digital libraries are available throughout the year...even during the summer. Check them out!

Projects & Recipes

Tired of sitting around at home? Check out the links below for some activities to take you around the world.

Woven Bracelets

Many cultures have a tradition of weaving. Watch the video below to learn to weave a friendship bracelet.
DIY Friendship Bracelet | Striped or Solid

Cultural Cuisine

Hungry? Check out this index of multicultural recipes to let your tastebuds travel.

Let's Dance!

Watch this video to learn to dance Bollywood-style!
How To Learn Bollywood Dance

What do I do with my library books?

Bring your library books with you to the iPad drop off May 26-29. We'll see you there!

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