School Uniforms

Are They Worth the Dabate?

Although I am not a fun of school uniforms I think school uniforms would be more beneficial for students and also teachers. First, there would be less bullying. Secondly, there is more then just schools that have uniforms and finally, teachers would have more focused kids. Something as simple as school uniforms can turn into a big argument.
First, school uniforms will stop people from being bullied. "Having school uniforms wil increase school safety"( "Manual of School Uniforms",2013).People will get beat up less by "gang members"("School Uniforms",2014). "But the worst way to get beat up is by words"("Manual of School Uniforms",2013). Getting beat up with words hurts you in the inside which is harder to get it better then getting beat up on the outside. School uniforms would stop gang members or even just kids in you class or grade from being bullied at school.
Secondly, if you think about it schools aren't the only places where you can find school uniforms. "Girl scouts and Boy Scouts wear uniforms. People who even sever our country wears uniforms like people in the military, hospital workers, police officers, firefighters, and even people who work in postal offices wear uniforms. Have you ever been out to dinner? Well if you have you can probably see that waitresses and waiters wear uniforms including bartenders, cooks, and people who work at fast food places wear them. Some people say that school uniforms are boring and aren't colorful but they are wrong school uniforms and anykind of uniform can be colorful."("Uniforms and Insignia", 2011).

Lastly, "school uniforms will help students concentrate on their school work."("Manual of School Uniforms",2013). "Most schools in the United States require school uniforms for private schools and Catholic schools so students would have mor concentration."("School Uniforms",2014). "Schools also banned jewelry because kids where playing too much with there jewels they never got school work done."("Dressing Down School Dress Codes", 2013). So, teachers if you want your students to be more focused in class then think about having school uniforms for your school.

"But without school uniforms people won't get to express themselves, but some schools take dress codes to far."("Fashion Police",2013). "Some schools banned some hair duos and also jewlery."("Dressing Down School Dress Codes",2013). So maybe school uniforms wouldn't be good.
Even though I am not a fan of school uniforms I think school uniforms would be beneficial. First, school uniforms would help to stop bullying. Secondly, more then schools have uniforms, and finally, and students will have more concentration on the school work. So next time you hear a conversation of school uniforms think of all the good things school uniforms can stop and also give to students and teachers.


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