NORTH NEWS August 22nd

Where Tradition began, Excellence continues.

Message from Principal David Ewers

Hello North Community!

We had an awesome first week of school, and we are looking forward to another great week this week. the upcoming weeks will be very busy with fall activities kicking off, a long holiday weekend, and our 100th Anniversary celebration! Please be sure to read all of the pertinent information below related to events, safety, traffic updates, and other important information as we get into the flow of the school year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the office here at Shawnee Mission North. Go Bison!

Traffic updates- Johnson Dr and Metcalf Lane

We have been working with the city of Overland Park to get updates on the ongoing construction project on the North and East sides of the building. In order to complete the entire project in a timely manner, the city has had to allow both sides of Johnson Drive to be under construction at the same time along with simultaneous closures of Metcalf Lane and Frontage Road. We have attached a link to an Overland Park road closure map and an aerial map that shows a pedestrian detour for students to use during the course of the construction project.



Students and Families:

We hope you are enjoying the new MacBooks! Now that 99.9% of our students have been issued a MacBook, it is very important to make sure students are taking the best care possible of the devices. Below are some important reminders to help protect the MacBook and your student.

We want to remind you of a few things now that we are back in the swing of the school year:

1. Your MacBook must have the district issued case on it at all times. (Failure to have the cover in place will result in confiscation of the MacBook.)

2. Please only carry your MacBook with the screen shut and with both hands to keep the machine secure.

3. Do not ever pick up the MacBook by the screen. The LCD screen on these devices are very sensitive and the pressure of your grip will break the screen. (Other schools are already reporting damage from students holding and carrying the MacBook by the screen.)

4. Keyboard covers should not be used since non-Apple keyboard covers might be too large and can put pressure on the screens and cause damage.

5. Do NOT slam the MacBook shut, this causes lines in the LCD screen and also the screen to go “white.”

6. Always open the screen from the center clip on the case. Opening from the sides will cause damage.

7. Carrying the computer from the screen will also damage/loosed/break the hinge.

8. Please don’t leave your MacBook in a car. Extreme temperature (hot and cold) conditions will cause issues for the MacBook. (And provide a target for theft)

9. Needed applications can be found on Manager. You will not be able to download programs from the App Store for use on these devices. If you need access to a program that isn’t in Manager, please submit a Help Desk Ticket ( )

10. Downloading VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or other programs that mask your device on the network are a violation of the Responsible Use Policy you have agreed to. Use of VPN’s will result in the confiscation of the MacBook and you may lose MacBook access for the semester/school year.

11. If you ever need help or support with your device you can submit a Web Help Desk Ticket and our Tech Analyst assigned to SMN will find you to help with the issue. If there ever is a problem, you should start by submitting a Help Desk Ticket at

12. Keep your charger safe, preferably at home. Charging your device each night to 100% will last all day at school.

13. Do NOT eat or drink near the device, this keeps it clean and away from possible accidents.

Please reach out if there are any questions or issues we can help with as you use your new MacBook. -Mr. Jamison

The beginning and ending of class are important components of classroom learning opportunities. To protect those vital times, we have a 10-10 rule. Students should not be out of class the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes. We will help protect student achievement opportunities by not allowing passes during these times.

After School Pick Up Tips from Officer Covington

  1. The lower east parking lot by the tennis courts is a great meeting point to pick up your student. The busses leave Shawnee Mission North at 2:50pm so feel free to pick up your student AFTER that time if you want "curbside" pick up on the fieldhouse side. Please share this with anyone who may pick up your student as it may save them frustration, time and gas!
  2. Foster street and surrounding businesses are NOT an authorized meeting space to pick up students. Living and working next to a high school can be challenging, but as a school community, let's be kind. The coffee shop parking lot is for coffee shop customers. With limited spaces, the extra cars make it difficult for traffic to flow in the parking lot and you risk a car accident. Foster street has many "no parking" signs on the southbound side and updated no parking signs are in the works. Avoid the ticket and just park in the east lot mentioned in #1 above.
  3. If you prefer to wait in the west parking lot to pick up your student, there are about 25 empty parking spots near the baseball field in the back. Just be aware of the ongoing construction and the "no left turn" sign during school hours. If you live west of the school, the legal way to park and leave is in the lower east lot as mentioned in #1 above. Avoid the fines and park legally not in fire lanes.

Safety and Security at SM North

Families and students- we feel that it is important to review with you some of our safety and security expectations at Shawnee Mission North. Our goal at the Brickhouse is to keep our campus, inside and outside, a safe learning environment where every student can achieve academic success. To help with this, please review the following items as a family and remember: see something, say something.

  1. Arrival procedures: students may enter the building through doors in both parking lots, performing arts wing, cafeteria, student commons, before school. These doors will be locked promptly at 7:40 and all students will need to enter through the main entry (door 1) for the remainder of the school day (until 2:40).
  2. Breakfast is served: breakfast is available in the cafeteria beginning at 7:00am everyday. For additional details, cost, and menus, please visit the SMSD Food Service website.
  3. Passing periods: students will have five minutes between each class period. Students are encouraged to take this time to use the restroom and walk swiftly to their next class. Taking care of this business during passing periods will ensure that students can stay in class for the entire period, which will help to increase their achievements and not miss out on class time.
  4. Lunch locations and times: we will have three lunches at North this year (schedule below). All students will eat in the cafeteria for the entire lunch time.
  5. Open lunch for seniors: senior students who qualify and whose parents have completed the senior lunch google form will be afforded the opportunity to leave campus during their designated lunch time. Students will return through the main doors.
  6. Propping doors: propping doors at Shawnee Mission North will not be tolerated. Students found violating this will be subject to consequences from administration.

Online Verification

It is that time of year to fill out Back to School Forms. Parents and high school students need to complete the Online Verification . Please click on the link to the SMSD website below to get all of the information and to start getting this completed.

SMSD Online Verification

DROP off/pick up Information

Car Drop off/pick up is in the front circle drive

Bus arrival/departure is in the FH parking lot

CAA/CTC bus will depart in the AM in the FH parking lot

CAA/CTC bus will drop off AM and pick up PM students in the front circle.

**CAA/CTC parents and students welcome letter emailed from Ryan Flurry 8/4/22 below.

Fee Payment 2022-23

Please use the link below to pay current and past due school fees – you can sign in as a guest with the students last name & ID number if you don’t want to set up an account.

Fees can also be paid at the school office from 7:30-3:30 M-F or by phone to Shelle Lewis 913-993-6910.

By mail to:

SM North High School

Attn: Shelle Lewis, Bookkeeper

7401 Johnson Drive

Overland Park, KS 66202

Required fees: Instructional Resource, ID card, Textbook Fee, Apple Repair, Participation & Course Fees

Optional fees: Parking, Pep Club, Class Dues, Yearbook, Literary Magazine

Any unpaid optional fees and dropped class fees will be swept from student accounts later in the semester.

Lunch money can be added online under “Optional Fee” or paid to the cafeteria or office by cash or check.

Contact Food Service at 913-993-9710 regarding lunch account balances, free/reduced lunch applications, to add lunch money by phone, etc.

New for 2022-2023:

Instructional resource and ID card fees may be waived if the student is approved for free lunch (100%) or reduced (50%), foster care, or McKinney Vento.

The SMN bookkeeper will need to see verification of eligibility to waive the fees in Skyward. Please forward eligibility letter email from food service to:

Applications for Federal Income Eligibility (free/reduced meals) are located on the district’s food service webpage, link below. In order to apply for a fee waiver, an application for free/reduced meals must be submitted, approved, and documented with the district.

Information regarding Free and Reduced:

Information on setting up School Café and apply for Free and Reduced:

Link to set up School Café:


How to stay informed about NORTH

There are several ways of staying informed and up-to-date on school events. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Canvas is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on your student’s grades. Please follow the directions on the linked site to enroll as an “observer” of your student’s Canvas courses. Click through each collapsible menu on this linked page to set up your Canvas observer account.
  • “North News” emails from the principal’s administrative assistant, Gayle O’Grady, are sent every Monday. Be sure to add/update your email address and preferences in Skyward to receive these email blasts.
  • The school website is an excellent source of school information that includes updated information and links to specific teacher and/or team sites, student services (counseling/social work) site, and the school resource officer’s site. SMN Website Link
  • The homepage of the school website hosts the school calendar. Most 22-23 school events have already been put into that calendar. Families have the ability to click on the event to see a detailed description as well as have the functionality to place that event directly into their own preferred calendar.
  • The SMSD Alert system allows parents to receive emailed information, phone announcements, and reminders throughout the year. Families who have signed up for text alert will receive text message reminders of major school events, school closings, etc.
  • Sunflower League Schedule- In addition to all sports and cross-curricular activities added to this, this site also includes other activities that are happening throughout the school day. This site also includes whether each day will be a Traditional (T), Even (E), or Odd (O) schedule day. There is also an app for this website. To download this app search rschool Activity Scheduler, then select state (Kansas) > scroll down to select school which is grouped by conference (Sunflower) > Click on Shawnee Mission-North. Once downloaded, it shows Calendar, My Teams, and Scores.

  • Please follow SM North on Twitter and Instagram. Great way to get information about what is going on at North.

    Twitter @SM_NORTH_HS

    Instagram at @SM_NORTH_HS


Now is the time to get a jump on senior year parent activities and purchase a senior ad for your student that will appear in the 2023 yearbook. Ads can be purchased at If you have any questions, please contact yearbook adviser Becky Tate at More information can be found in the senior ad form.

Panorama Survey

All SMN students will have the opportunity to complete the Panorama Survey on September 19th. Please take a moment to read this letter from the district that outlines details about the survey and the purpose. We at North review and use this data to plan professional development for teachers, and provide assistance to our students in areas where they may have challenges. While participation is not mandatory, we encourage ALL Bison to complete the questions and provide us with valuable information for the 22-23 school year.

Parent Information Letter in English

Parent Information Letter in Spanish

Para Shortage

Are you interested in working at the Brickhouse? SMN has a number of para-educator position still available. If you are interested, please apply online at or contact Mr. Jamison for more information. 913-993-6900.

Weekly Schedule Reminders....

Please always check the school calendar for the most up to date schedule SMN Calendar

  • Monday August 22, Picture day 9-11, Auditorium
  • Monday August 22, Booster Club Meeting - 6:30pm, Library/Learning Commons
  • Thursday August 25 - Fall Sports Kickoff - 5:00pm
  • Friday August 26, Football Jamboree - 5:30, SMN Stadium



Big picture

Real World Learning News

Incoming Juniors and Seniors are invited to attend a Career Expo on August 26th at the CAA. Come learn about a variety of Kansas City based businesses and begin building connections to start your future career! There will be a variety of pathways in attendance such as Graphic Design, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Architecture and many more.

See the brochure below. For more information please email

Student JOB Postings


YMCA - Before & After School Y Club - See flyer blow

Freddy's -

Amazon - Go to student services for more information.

Papa Murphy's on Shawnee Mission Parkway - 913-638-4552

Go to student services for more information.


SMN Athletics & Activities

Athletic Update

Fall sports tryouts have concluded and the teams are gearing up for the fall season.

This week, the girls golf team tee’s up the season with a meet, today at Sycamore Ridge.

Fall Sports kick-off - we’re hopeful you will join us on Thursday, Aug. 25 as we host intrasquad scrimmages to prepare for the upcoming fall season. The robotics team will provide our students and staff either cotton candy treat or snow cone treat; fans can purchase items from the Robotics team as well. And the Booster club will be selling spirit gear.

*Please note, the football team will participate in the SMNW football jamboree on Friday, Aug 26 beginning at 5:00pm at SMSD - North.

KMBC 9 News is recognizing our marching band and staff in the early morning segment - Banding Together on Tuesday, August 25 between 6:55 - 7:20 am in the stadium. We look forward to see our staff recognized on the morning news as well as our SMN Marching Bison.

6:52 am – Johnny Rowlands flies live over the school explaining what he’s doing on air and showing video of the band formation below (no sound on helicopter) – approx. 8 minutes for students to disperse and move away from the field so that Johnny can land at 7 am

7:15 am – Johnny’s live presentation on air saluting the teachers and welcoming kids back to school (mugs will be handed out to the teachers on air)

Live Eligibility

  • Reports will be provided to coaches daily from skyward. We use the canvas platform which must be synchronized with Skyward; due to syn issues;

  • Eligibility reports are Bi-weekly process

    • 1st and 3rd Monday of the month

    • If a student shows the AD between reports, he/she improved their grade then he/she is immediately reinstated.

    • If a student does not improve and is on the next report they become ineligible for contests until they can show they are passing 5. They regain eligibility as soon as they can show proof and the process starts all over again.

SM North subscribes to Core Course GPA. If your student is interested in participating in collegiate athletics please visit the website and begin the registration process. SMSD will host a college eligibility informational session in late fall. It’s never too early to begin this process.

Varsity Football Coach: Andy Walter


Twitter: @NorthBisonFB

VNN Website:

Varsity Soccer Coach: Jaime Velez


Twitter: @SoccerSMN

VNN Website: SM Boys Soccer

Girls Tennis Varsity Coach: Andrew Lause

Assistant coach in building - Amanda Polking -


Twitter: @smntennis

VNN Website: SMN tennis

Gymnastics Varsity Coach: Sarah Hink (teacher at SMNW) |

Assistant Coach: Morgan Hoffman (teacher at Mill Creek Elementary)

Twitter: @smngymnastics18


Instagram: gymnastics_smn

Girls Golf Varsity Coach: Walter Mansfield



VNN Website: SMN Girls golf

Girls & Boys Cross-Country Varsity Coach: Aaron Davidison


Twitter: @smnorthxc

VNN Website: SMN Cross-country

Volleyball Varsity Coach: Riann Hill


Instagram: smn_volleyball

Twitter: @SMN_Volleyball

Unified Bowling Coaches: Robyn Barreca and David Langton

Twitter: TBD

VNN Website: TBD

Special Olympics Unified Sports® is an inclusive activities program that combines an approximately equal number of Special Olympics students with intellectual disabilities and students without intellectual disabilities on teams for competition and inclusive activities fostering an environment of social inclusion. Unified Bowling will annually begin in Standard Calendar Week #13 and conclude with a state tournament during Standardized Calendar Week #20. Unified Bowling will operate like any other KSHSAA activity with all participants meeting individual eligibility requirements.

All students participating in athletics must have a KSHSAA Physical Form AND Concussion Form on file in the office prior to the first tryout/practice. Per KSHSAA, the annual history and physical examination shall not be taken earlier than May 1 preceding the school year for which it is applicable. Lastly, student athletes must have passed 5/7 classes from the preceding semester to be eligible*** Only exception is incoming freshmen.

COVID 19 Automatic Waiver 2023-23 Enrollment - NCAA

Given the continuing impact of COVID-19 on the educational environment, the NCAA Eligibility Center has partnered with the NCAA membership to identify adjustments to the initial-eligibility certification process for students who initially enroll full time in an NCAA Division I or II school during the 2023-24 academic year. Click here to learn more about these important adjustments. This directly impacts rising seniors. Please share this information with your athletes!

Important Links

  • Voluntary Student Accident Insurance (Managed by K&K Insurance)
    Our school district has selected the Student Insurance Plan from K&K Insurance Group to make reliable coverage available to parents. If you don’t have other insurance, this plan may be a resource to consider. Additionally, even if you have other coverage, this plan can help fill expensive “gaps' ' caused by deductibles and copays. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year.

High School Sports Information


Student Council Information


We’d like to introduce you to the Student Council Executive Board for 2022-23. These students are working on a plethora of projects, events, and opportunities that we hope will build a positive experience for our student body.

Student Body Officers:

President: Gage Chapman

Vice President: Sofia McGhee

Secretary: Olivia Burchstead

Treasurer: Sofia Porraz

Publicist: Sofia Bustamante

Class Officers:

Senior Class President Lily Smith, Vice President Jakob Rooney

Junior Class President D’Myzio Allen, Vice President Miguel Tapia

Sophomore Class President Mallory LaBrasca, Vice President Vince Gutierrez

Freshman Class President Oreofe Oni, Vice President Ali’Yonna Funches

Committee Heads:

Elections: Addison Dasilva

Social Events: Alba Sandoval and Emma Peck

Community Pride: Brenna Murphy

Chief Justice: Eliezer Zamora

Follow these Instagram accounts for more class information and updates:






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Info on Homecoming

It’s coming up quick this year! It’s North's 100th year so we’re taking it back to the roaring ’20s The theme is Party Like Gatsby.

  • Game & Parade: Friday, September 9th, 1pm parade
    • Tailgate before game run by the Junior Class
  • Homecoming Dance: Saturday, September 10th, 8-11 pm in the Field House
  • Ticket sales August 29th - September 9th during lunches
    • Ticket Price: $15 for singles and $25 for couples, $5 off the price of the ticket bundle with a donation of 2 cans of food. Bring when you purchase!
    • The price of tickets go up at the door

Homecoming chaperones are always needed. If you are interested, please click the link to sign up, and our sponsor Ms. Cormack will contact you the week of the dance!



  • Join PTSA (optional, but highly encouraged): Parents, grandparents, teachers, and community members: You can now become a PTSA member. Your membership helps support our students and their school!

Check PTSA out on Twitter @SMNorthPTSA or

Check PTSA out on Facebook @SMNorthPTSA or

Check the PTSA Website

Join the PTSA Here -

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Check out the SMN Booster club website

Check out the SMN Booster Club news & updates on Facebook

Check out the SMN Booster Club on Twitter

Join us for the first SMN All-Activities Booster Club meeting of the 2021-22 school year on Monday, Aug 22 at 6:30pm in the Learning Commons - all are welcome!

You can earn $$$ for your favorite group at North by attending Booster Club meetings. We offer Attendance Grants to any SMN club, group or team that sends a parent or sponsor/coach to our meetings. If your team or group has someone attend at least 4 Booster Club meetings a year, we will give your group a $100 grant - attend 6 meetings and receive a $200 grant!

Did you know… Each year the SMN All-Activities Booster Club supports student clubs, groups, and teams by funding grant requests from coaches and club sponsors for expenses that are not funded by the school district? Since our organization began, we have given over $200,000 in grants to student organizations & teams at North! We raise funds for our grants through our spirit wear sales, tailgates/concessions, Annual Trivia Night & Annual Golf Tournament.

Upcoming Events – Volunteers Needed - Click on the sign-up links for more info!

Fall Sports Kick-Off - Spirit Wear Sales – THURSDAY, AUGUST 25

Homecoming Game - Spirit Wear Sales – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9

100th Anniversary Open House - Spirit Wear Sales – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10

Do you attend sporting events at North?

Consider buying the 2022-23 SMN SPORTS FAST PASS for quick and easy access to games – Booster Club Membership is INCLUDED, and all funds stay at NORTH! See the attached form for details and then purchase at our online store!

Purchase SMN Spirit Wear, BC Memberships, and Sports Fast Passes at our online store - we have lots of NEW Bison gear and 100th Anniversary items in stock!!


News from SMSD

SMSD Website

Click here for the SMSD Website


Food Services has updated the School Meal Information flier for parents. It is available on the main page of the Food Service web page and linked here for your convenience.

SMAC PTA Clothing Exchange

The SMAC PTA Clothing Exchange is excited to be back in service to the SMSD community! Please see attached files in English and Spanish with more information about the Schedule for the Clothing Exchange.

SM Teacher of the Year

Once again this year, the process for selecting the Shawnee Mission Teacher of the Year begins early in the school year. Last year, we had an incredible response, with 338 nominations submitted. We would like to top that number this year and have building finalists in every building in Shawnee Mission.

Nominations are open now and will close at the end of the day on Tuesday, September 6. We have so many deserving teachers who should be recognized. See the Nomination form below.

Application Needed for Free or Reduced Meals

To receive FREE or REDUCED cost meals in the 2022-2023 school year, families will need to complete a meal benefit application. Over the past few years, federal school meal waivers made free meals for all students possible. Congress has not extended this waiver for the 2022-2023 school year.

The meal benefit application can be found on School Café. If you are unable to complete the application online, a paper application is available. Click here for more information.

Children may receive free or reduced price meals based on certain Medicaid benefits or if household income is within the limits on Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines.

Benefits of Applying

Applying and qualifying for free and reduced meals can benefit families and the Shawnee Mission School District in multiple ways:

Free or Reduced Meals

Students who qualify through a meal benefit application will be able to eat breakfast and lunch at a free or reduced cost this year.

State Funds for Schools

The application generates additional funds for schools. These funds support staffing and other resources to help student learning. If families do not complete the application, the district will not be able to receive state funding for which it is eligible.

Potential Fee Reductions

Qualifying for child nutrition meal benefits provides other benefits to eligible families, which may include free/reduced instructional resource fees, transportation fees, and Pre-k enrollment.

Families are encouraged to complete a Consent for Disclosure form in Skyward which gives SMSD Food Service permission to share a child’s eligibility status information with the programs families designate on the consent form.

If you do not have a Skyward Family Access account, you may contact your child’s school office after July 26 to inquire about setting up account access.

Important Information If You are Directly Certified

Do not complete the application if you are Directly Certified to receive free meals. If you receive state assistance and have not received a notification of eligibility, call the SMSD Food Service office before completing a meal program application.

  • Families who are directly certified are encouraged to complete a Consent for Disclosure form in Skyward which gives SMSD Food Service permission to share a child’s eligibility status information with the programs families designate on the consent form.

Now is the time to secure 2022-23 bus service for your K-12 students

The Shawnee Mission School District provides free bus transportation to students living 2.5 miles or more from the school in their attendance area. To receive free busing you must register with DS Bus Lines.

To register students for transportation visit DS Bus Lines website.

Students who live less than 2.5 miles from the school in their attendance area may pay to ride the bus in areas with established routes. The 2022-23 bus rate is $185.00 per student, per semester or $370.00 per student for the school year. To pay for busing visit DS Bus Lines website.

Sign up for Textcaster Alerts here to receive text messages when a bus is delayed more than 10 minutes. This is very convenient during times of bad weather.

Contact DS Bus Lines at 913-384-1190 with any questions.



Overland Park Farmers Market

There is a nationwide competition taking place looking for America's Favorite Farmers Market. The OPFM is currently first in the state, region and nation out of more than 7,000 markets! However, Columbia, Mo is right behind us. If they win, we lose not only the nation, but the region. They actually won the whole competition last year with more than 10k votes.

The voting goes until Sept. 19 so we have a LONG time to gain or lose the lead.
The winner gets $5K for marketing and promotions of the market which would really help the farmers.

Here’s the link to competition if you want to learn more:



Canvas and Skyward Parent Accounts

  • ** Please Note- If you have an account from previous years (even Hocker Grove), there is no need to create another account.
    • New users: Download the Canvas Parent App from the App Store or Google Play store.
    • Follow the prompts to create your account. Create a username and password.
    • Search SMSD (Shawnee Mission School District) > Shawnee Mission North > Eventually it will ask you for a “Pairing Code”
    • To find your student’s “Pairing Code”
      1. In your student’s Canvas account have your student click on “Account” (Top Left)
      2. Click on “Settings” > then click on “Pair with Observer” (Right side)
      3. Enter this “Pairing code” when prompted in your Canvas Parent App.
    • Note that each parent needs a different code, therefore repeating this process to generate a different code. If more than one student, you will be prompted to “add student” on the app. Repeat the process to generate their observer code.
    • If your student will not provide the code to you, please reach out to the school to get the Pairing Code. 😊
    • Additional Canvas gradebook information can be found here.
    • Canvas has the most up-to-date grade information for your student, if you have questions about missing assignments, please contact your student’s teacher.


    To get information about your login information for your Skyward parent account please contact Student Services at 913-993-6930. Skyward helps parents keep track of attendance, pay school fees, view national and state test scores, complete the online verification process and much, much more.