Vol. 8 (November 1, 2015)

This Week...


Unit 4

-Strategies to Bring Students Closer to Conventional Reading

  • fluency
  • comprehension

-Working Through Reading Troubles by Drawing on Known Strategies

  • sight word knowledge
  • decoding skills

-Emergent Story Books: Developing Storybook Language, Vocabulary, and Meaning

  • Ask and answer questions about key details in a text
  • With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.
  • Identify characters, settings, and major events in a story.
    Ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text.


Beginning this week and proceeding for the next 2 weeks your child will be assessed on many various skills. These assessments are VERY crucial! These mid-year assessments will be used to determine if they are on grade level and will also "flag" any student that may be a concern for retention and intervention. The following are a list of some of the assessments your child will be participating in:

  • Running Record- reading an unfamiliar text (Level B) with 90% or better accuracy
  • Comprehension of text when reading- without prompting can tell you the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of the story
  • blending unfamiliar words
  • decoding words
  • rhyming words- able to give or produce a rhyming word for a word given (ex: door=more, soar, floor, etc)
  • reading AND spelling CVC words (consonant/vowel/consonant words) EX-pot, hut, set
  • reading AND spelling CCVC words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant words) EX-sped, flip, shot, etc
  • reading nonsense words- words that are not real words. This will show if they can blend and if they know the letter sounds. EX- muc, tek, siz
  • letter sounds
  • letter recognition
  • **writing a sentence to answer a question without any help. Starting with a capital, space, and puncuation


Math Unit #3

Addition and Subtraction to 10

  • what does it mean to add? subtract?
  • how do you write an equation (roll 2 dice - write the equation correctly)
  • what is the answer called (sum or difference)
  • what are "Friends of 10"
  • What strategies can you use?

This Week... ASSESSMENTS !

Some of what we will be assessing:

  • counting to 100 by 1's
  • counting to 100 by 5's
  • counting to 100 by 10's
  • number recognition 0-50
  • making / counting sets to 50
  • adding / subtracting correctly
  • writing numbers 0-30 correctly (watch those backwards numbers)
  • completing equations to 10 (ex: 6+ __ = 10)


  • Please continue to work on your child's "snap words". Sight word knowledge will help your child TREMENDOUSLY with their reading and comprehension. If they are having to sound out every word then they lose what the story is about and therefore are unable to comprehend.
  • For those that know ALL 220 words and are on the spelling component... I will call out the words randomly and they are required to spell them correctly.
  • Your child should be on AT LEAST list 2 (or higher)
  • Your child should be testing or checking off at least one list a week
  • Once your child checks off a list, continue to review the previous words as well as the ones they are learning. I will pull words from past lists to recheck, as well.


  • New Year
  • resolutions
  • Winter
  • weather



Tuesday- ERIN






The calendar that was sent home has been changed and is not correct !

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Guidance

Friday- Art 2

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We have a new assistant, Ms. Singh! Many of you have met her (she was in our class before Christmas). She has her teaching degree, has had her own classroom, and I think she going to be a great addition to our classroom. She has some BIG shoes to fill, so PLEASE be patient with us during this transition. She has a lot to learn and coming in the middle of the year is not easy. Ms. Martin and I worked together for 13+ years so we "had it down" :) It is going to take her some time to get the routine down (ie- books out, homework, etc) all the while we are assessing this week and she is going to have the class for the next 2 weeks the majority of the time.

If you come for lunch... please take a moment to welcome her and introduce yourself.

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Upcoming Dates

  • January 15- end of the 2nd 9 weeks
  • January 15- Early Dismissal (12:00) Make sure I have your yellow form I sent home!
  • January 18- NO SCHOOL
  • January 19- NO SCHOOL